“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be discovered.” Carl Sagan we will continue poruque we have just seen something that will amaze you as much as I did when I saw it good morning today we will explore a hotel
abandoned which I already explore in his moment completely alone, since aJasogurbex was unable to accompany me in that exploration, as we promised,
as soon as he could we would go again and we would explore it with more
Stop and do not miss anything because we have found many more things
what I expected. there are things that I they were left behind and something that is going to
Surprise as much as it surprised me. when you perform the exploration. As
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description remember that at the end of the of the video I will highlight one of the comments
of the previous video. no more we start the reception I think was here all marble the curtains are still there, incredible soda boxes. look at a 2010 calendar listen out!!! we have heard footsteps did you hear that? wait, be careful there can be someone there you have to pay attention just in case 2010 look, olive oil inside glass jars slippers for hotel guests distribution panel we are worried because we have heard a noise, a few steps let’s hope there is nobody this is for floor maids, for bedding Look at the elevator intact, it’s incredible that it’s like that
and it’s weird because we have two receptions look at the hotel documentation.
140 euros The deposit. You enter the office
here. Here more documentation of the hotel. here was the office. Look at the wood. the medicine kit we climb How many plants are? 3 or 4 and the spa area and others the dining room here look at the cup There was blood next to the cup. We did not realize until we saw the photos and this is the dining room here the kitchen Hello Here they put the cans and others of the hotel and above a medicine cabinet these are the cold chambers There are still products inside it is incredible there are olives inside a boat if you are liking the video subscribe. Thank you! See, here someone has been living there are toiletries here is tapper and glasses and others one of the whiskey glasses spectacular this is a safe Hello let’s go to the bottom someone is taking out the strong boxes. Look at the parquet that is very expensive This is a dragon tree, a typical Canarian plant.
It’s awesome that this is here. this is a waterfall look at the minigolf spectacular minigolf is incredible spectacular the court, I did not see it the first time goes up! we have to go fast because we’ve heard something There is a cigarette butt, it is noted that it is recent, the person can still be here look here were the suites this was the main room or the living room then you come in here and there’s the bathroom and then the main room I leave the previous exploration in the description box the first time I came alone, this door was closed do you see why it was? There was someone staying here, I was right Here is a closed door, let’s see Hello there is nothing there is something that is making noise is closed good it’s closed, come on, we do not want to bother look are still the curtains I’m not going to say what’s inside but the adults will know … someone has a good time here … look at the minigolf from above voices are heard, they seem to be on the ground floor Maybe it’s from the neighbors’ houses my heart is going to come out … this is a solarium here is the hotel’s documentation look at the christmas tree here someone was staying, look what there is look at the candle voices are still heard watch this anyone there Hello there is something making noise Hello this is the strange room look syringes chemical products Did you hear something? Hello Hello anyone there??? they seem to be mixing chemicals Drugs? I do not know although the drugs are made with these substances there’s something disgusting It smells horrible How disgusting, what will it be? let’s move on look at the spa, it’s spectacular Hello the ladder is falling is incredible let’s go to the top let’s go up fast because you are hearing some very strange noises a subscriber told me that in the previous scan when I was alone I heard noises I think the roof noise that is starting to fall where noises were heard before it was here but here now there is nothing look at the sauna intact !!! look at the wood incredible It should be a pool of hot water and another cold this is incredible It’s luxury at the time it must have been amazing look at the pool from the windows you could see the pool this is like a boiler room of maintenance and it seems to heat the water We will continue because we have seen something that is going to hallucinate as much as we do I have stayed stone Be careful because the roof is bad because of the fire check this out It’s full of cars the cars are burned We did not expect to find these cars here Inside the parking lot of the abandoned hotel beware of the roof they would be company cars that they left when they left waiting to return there are the boilers I think
Here came the water someone broke the wall that hid the
hotel parking and discovered them There are also garbage containers and then they set everything on fire, I do not know why this so brutal vandalism check the steering wheel it’s amazing that the cars are here good to here the video today, as
always highlight one of the comments from the previous video in this case the comment will be from the
Ana Evora who tells us: “excellent video is a place great and wonderful, gives
chills see all that blood smeared on the wall, I loved the
video, how scary … thanks guys and blessings. “Many thanks to you Ana for
your comment. as always I ask you to subscribe activate the bell to receive
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