Ok I think we’re about an hour outside of
the California border Here on the Oregon coast. 101
It’s still super foggy, you can’t see much of anything. What do you think?
it’s beautiful, I like it Yea it is
Beautiful; and I also like it. haha
So if you ever need to get to California from Oregon or vice-versa
I suggest taking highway 101 along the coast because
there’s a lot of excellent scenery Very scenic, and highly recommended
It was kind of a bummer because I knew today was just a driving day
to get to our destination so we were passing though the Redwood forest
It was foggy, it made it mystical, it was gorgeous
And I couldn’t take it any more, I’m like “Dad you have to pull over at least once,
let’s do something kitchy” And he did. Ok we’re at the giant drive thru tree
and it’s gridlock. Raleigh is right there
Lynn is right there, and she’s gonna take a photo
But I wanna go check out this tree In the flesh, if you will, before I get back
in the car Wow
Look at that thing Wow ok so Raleigh’s driving through this
thing and it is really tight Really really tight; he had to put his mirrors
in and yea I think he’s a little freaked out; it’s
pretty funny Lynn forced her dad to drive through a tree
Oh, by bad And then I broke the mirror haha
We’re screwing up his day big time It’s be like Tommy boy; that guy in his
car haha “What’d ya do?” You actually hit going through? Yea! On that side there
Ahh good times Again, this was basically just a driving day
so our time in California was short But kind of hectic, I forgot how fast people
drive in California So we basically just nicked the state, but
We found ourselves very quickly in the chaos of the two lanes highways that you find out
in the high desert of Nevada And most specifically related to how aggressive
people are with passing on these highways
And so it was a little unnerving at times Very reminiscent of some of the traveling
we did in Asia Especially with like mini busses that we’d
take and what not so It took a little bit of getting used to. Well Noah’s being sweet and diplomatic
The word he’s looking for, is people were assholes
Yea they were assholes Ok we got a guy behind us who wants to pass
us now but there’s a semi right there
And there’s the guy that wants to pass us there
whose also in a Tahoe coincidentally Oh is gonna go for it? He’s stupid it’s blind, he can’t see
what’s coming OMG
Wow! Holy shit! And he’s going again! he’s going again! Passing is a high stakes game
So, I’m in heaven because I love all things abandoned
And these towns are all abandoned The watering hole, a thrift store in ruins
Everything is shut up, and yea it’s like something out of a movie. Look at that motel right there, look at that
sign OMG they have vacancy
We’re in Lunning Nevada We had a rest stop
And I come across the street here, and there’s this
really cool abandoned, trailer But then it was a store at one time
So like here come check it out It looked like it was a thrift store
It was once a business; someone’s house And now there’s books
A creepy doll Lots of books; there’s lots of VHS tapes
over here Oh, my left foot! Daniel Day Louise
Oh wow, free! All yours
Yea this whole table is just filled with all kinds of junk
I don’t know why it was left out here, but if you look on the side
It says “dollar table” So maybe they expect people to give donations
for their junk I’m not sure What’s really funny is that there’s actually
a casino in this town It’s crazy, even out in the middle of nowhere
effectively there’s a casino There’s the creepy clown motel
It’s, it’s creepy Tonopah Nevada is where we are currently located
and it is slightly creepy It’s very much like “The hills have eyes”
type movie You come into Tonopah, but you don’t go
out I’d be really surprised if this place was
fully booked Where is it right there? We’re across from that creepy building
That’s where some of the “others” are staying (creepy people)
This is home for the night Ok quick recap
It’s so beautiful here We got in; I didn’t really know what to
expect This town is amazing! It’s haunted; there’s a lot going on;
there’s a lot of history And, while the woman here is super sweet and
she was like, in our kitchen She was really chatty
I had to stop her, I’m like ok, stop, sorry, I’ll come bug you later
but I gotta check out this sunset, and this sunset; amazing Ok what are we doing today? Today, we are… oh there’s a bunny! Got distracted. I can’t help it
Today we are in the town of Tonopah; it’s early morning
We got to see the sunset last night when we came in which was amazing
Today we’re exploring this little mining town
And I’m really excited Right across our place is this tiny boarded
up.. I guess it was a hotel
They must of had like one room and they were like “Rooms starting at $20/night”
But then if you look at it, what is up with that? Why would they have a pentagram as the signage
of their place Or actually what’s crazy, it looks like
there was a sign there, but behind it was the pentagram
You can see that the sign is gone, but behind it is totally a pentagram
Something creepy, what does that mean!?! The triangle
OMG another triangle Three of em
THREE OF EM OMG Urbex man, urbex – this is where I get it from What’s in there? There’s a bunch of dead pigeons in there
on the floor Everywhere
And then there’s this thing; i don’t know what this is. What is this here? What is that? I don’t know, a furnace! it’s a furnace! My dad called it the boybox
The boybox?!?! He’s like… shudder, some sacrificings
Too many movies Too many weird hysteria type things
They’ve been watching too many movies There’s the clown motel, the creepy freaking
clown motel Wow; who does that? Who creates a clown motel? I don’t know
Checking in? Creepy clown motel, or hotel
What’s the difference? I don’t get it
What’s the difference between a motel and a hotel? I don’t know
Me neither Internet, help us out! Angry youtube commenter, help us out! So as if, the clown hotel wasn’t creepy
enough Right next door… right next door there’s
a cemetery There’s a cemetery next door, for all the
victims right? Haha
For all the victims All kidding aside this place actually houses
the graves of many of the settlers; the founders of Tonopah, Nevada
and reading the gravestones really gave you a sense of the hard life that they had to
deal with out here in the desert it was actually pretty humbling
This is infinitely interesting a lot of mine accidents that happened here
It’s a mining town; it’s what they do It’s actually kind of beautiful
Beautiful in a weird way; it’s special I guess what does that say down there Lynnie? Charles smith, age 33 from british columbia
Died august 1906 Was murdered in his cabin behind the midway
mine Wow
So these people Age 28 and 22; a married couple
Both died as a result of a runaway ore car accident near the Tonopah belmont mine; 1907 *music plays* Song: “send in the clowns” So after all the build up, I really wanted
this place to be creepy and it was not. at all
It was quaint and chill and we had a great talk with the owner
who is super sweet and he’s just a really great guy
So are you on vacation? Yea, we’re road tripping, all three of us,
and driving down to go to Vegas to see his dad; my grandpa
You have family in Vegas? Yea
Then you don’t have to pay $300/night for a room! haha
Right exactly! We’re good! We rolled in lastnight
This is so cool! Thank you, I appreciate that
Yea we’re gonna put it up for sale; I’m just trying to get the details worked out,
but it’s probably going to take a while. and then one of the conditions is that they
can’t every change It’s gotta stay the clown motel
It feels like I’m in a David Lynch film Like I said there’s the clown motel
And then across is like a defunct abandoned hotel
And then an old cemetery of miners And it’s very David Lynchy; there’s a
lot of characters here in Tonopah, Nevada