Trident Microfiber For Cafeteria Tables
And Chairs. The cafeteria is often the most used
area within a school, so it’s important to clean and disinfect the tables and
chairs effectively to prevent the spread of germs throughout the facility. Using
our Trident microfiber pretreated 11 inch pads with the wall washer swivel
frame enables you to move through these surfaces quickly and effectively. Adjust the handle to fit your reach,
making sure you don’t have to lean, stoop, or strain to reach the far end of the
table. Using an “S” motion, clean the table at the top of the far side, along the
sides, and down the center, pulling all soil, food particles, and
debris to the floor away from any chair, bench, or stool. You should use a
sanitizer for cafeteria tables and chairs, such as Hillyard’s Arsenal
Sanitizer. Make sure to check the soil loading of the pad.
If it becomes deeply soiled or is carrying food particles, change it. Maintain your facility’s color code, then
following along the shape of the chairs, swab the services in quick motions
on down the line.