Hold on. What’s this? Surprise! A room for rent! I can’t afford it. But you can’t just sleep
inside a jeepney. Don’t worry. The landlady
is my friend. I see. – Claire!
– Hi! – Is that him?
– Yes. He’s Ivan, the friend
I was telling you about. He’s a nice guy. And he always
keeps his things tidy. Right, Ivan? That’s right, ma’am. I’m very neat and organized, but I can’t afford
the downpayment. Claire and I agreed that
you’ll drop me off to work every morning in lieu
of the downpayment. What? It’s fine with you, right? Yes, of c
ourse. Don’t worry, I just
work near here. Thank you, ma’am. – Come, I’ll show you inside.
– Alright. Thank you. Hello, Dante. Mister Han is arriving
today to deliver drugs, so we need to smuggle
the contraband. Tell your men to get ready. And please, we can’t afford to make
any mistake. This is an important
shipment for us. Hello, Tiago! How are you? Prepare your best men. I’m going to test their skills. I have a hunch Rhian will
try to stop my operation. Is that all? You better have my
10 million pesos ready. I’m sure my men will
get rid of Rhian. And don’t forget… I don’t accept checks. I only take cold, hard cash. Understood? Understood.