It was the clapperboard? No, it was just to kill the mosquito The Fast Lap for me it’s the best time And this car here they said that is good So, let’s see Citroën C4 Lounge Did you had any french car, Rubinho? Yes, I had a french car when I was racing in Jordan Peugeot It’s was a Peugeot 306, very good on turns but had poor engine They said to me that this Citroën have a 1.6 turbo and is quicker, so let’s see how we go Let’s see, let’s accelerate! Here I love the seat position, very comfortable A driver always put the hands in the steering in a homogeneous way In this way you know if the car is going a bit to the left, a bit to the right It’s not every person who have this vision of the car like a driver But for a guy who loves sportive cars, it’s very important French cars are famous to have strange things – buttons in strange places Are you finding what you need? Were five seconds trying to find where to start the car Nowadays the cars have a button that you don’t need the key They just warn you that you are getting out of the car and the key is inside So, the button start is here in the left But very normal For a guy who had a french car You have some french things that you can note Like the air conditioning, but very normal Do you prefer sedan, or cars more compacts, versatile… Nowadays you have a station wagon, no? I like power in big cars I love cars with this profile But I’m loving this car, it’s big but we need to see how he goes in a flying lap This is the C4 Lounge, and a relative of him, a more competitive version of him, the C-Elysee It’s the car of Sebastien Loeb, the 9-time WRC world champion, in WTCC Do you know Loeb, already talked with him? Once I shared my table in the FIA Awards with him Very competitive guy I was so impressed when he tested the Red Bull and was just 2 seconds off the pace Testing a the F1 car? Yes But never had a bigger contact with him I know that he have this car nowadays and he is doing well He is winning races Well, this car understeers a bit The only thing here – correct me if I’m wrong You up the gear forward and you reduce going back The cars are not usually like this, no? Yes, each automaker chooses a way Yeah, I had to look to know what was going on It’s strange? Yes, because the gear don’t come If you were here now and pull, the car shouldn’t do this electronically Well, the proud of Citroën is this turbo respond in low RPM, this THP Yes, It’s a car that have a good traction because don’t have this immediate response But after you the turbo entries, so you don’t feel the lag Now we will have to see in the track if he have a reaction for his category with a good time “Fast Lap with Rubens Barrichello” Now it goes! Look, here we have a system that changes the gears in a RPM The car arrives in a RPM and changes the gear automatically it’s not very good… …In a fast lap, of couse Yeah, without the traction control you can feel the turbo The car even warn you It’s sometihng here, look In the manual this thing happen Also the car change the gears by himself You have to go back from third to second It can be also an eletronic issue Yeah, you can see when the turbo come Idiot, stay in the third! The design is of a family car, but thanks to the THP engine, C4 reached a good position in our ranking It’s a car that you see when the turbo come The car is comfortable and safe Because he understeers For a layman a car that understeers is easier to drive Now, the gears are entering by themselves And even when I put the manual to work here That made me lost a bit of time in the lap And now we are going to the next one But you will know just in the next week