welcome back ladies and gentlemen to
another episode of cities skylines so II added however a chance to see with
this traffic does but I added an outlet here right now are
only exists really is right here that lead you on to hear
no other way to go so I added another outlet here that’ll
go to different directions should be bigger are going to get more traffic going this
way then this way but this’ll be fun and interesting you
guys know me I like trying this stuff out a little bit I am what else %ah traffic plus plus plus that Ahmad no not traffic plus plus plus traffic plus
plus is Ahmad there was recommended which allows emergency vehicles to travel on all go get ’em now it’s time to take I
made at work for you go in there don’t be circling go in there gaining alcopop I’ll go to say day go get on
copper here its name in there now so I added
traffic plus plus but many were given me some trouble an
alert kept popping up point blank blank buying I’m sad my mind buying so that
sucked I removed it I don’t know it may have
been something I was doing wrong but I removed it and didn’t really like it all that much and just decided to just do a little
dirt road coming in here and then I did a little custom parking
lot situation and i got some new trees as purple trees are gorgeous I also got
some other ones some redden when I picked a but Jap so I’ll that’s kind of what I’ve
done of Camry so far make believes in fire
over there I so now we have this area the power
plant City nicely right here some people are saying they didn’t think
that their power plant location was gonna work out very well that it was going to be a bad spot or us but we’ll see as a message is Britt
right off the expressway a little out of the way I i tend to go
that direction just because I think it’s the best thing and it up for me for my sake it feels
like the best thing but let’s get in here let’s get to let’s
get some water pump it looks like the waters flow in this way so we will go to and grab her found you sucka let’s just set up a
new one out here rate here seems fine right by the
expressway Ste ice air may be right here since you got the
power play right there yeah just one for right now is fine okay and water is the power generator it
does reset awesome okay and then I’m going to put my sewage outlet for this area I think each
area I’m gonna have for a sewage outlet I think I’m gonna
put that will down hidden camera in the river a little
bit space a reactor pride kinda down here
and the way this flows here’s something we are potentially do those lifeline flowing line and it flows
down the waterfall so this is going to get a
little gross now what which way does this river flow buffalo’s
this way so we’re still say from this in so we’ll be okay Hannah I just had a I make sure that we’re gonna blow in a
proper a ratio Nate and we’re just for now bring a little
bit over an outlet over there we go and we’re ready to roll with this the city let me connect it up bone member a ride we’ve got waste we’ve got water chain chain chain all right now we can
start putting some real things in our city but I want to I I wanna kinda start out with public transportation unfortunately
there’s something that I wanted to unlock are the bus depot it’s just chillin here
we could put this rated day rate this central area here but I kinda
want to get a little custom with it I’d like to build carava custom
centralized area unfortunately these are unlocked to you know what and when do
they unlocked plus check required Metro the Metro well that’s nuts so much yeah that’s not going to give us a whole
lot just the Metro on the metro stations so we’re a little ways away I don’t
think this city will have the main centralized hub but i’d it will make a little we can
do this on camera them will make a little bit of a centralized
hub situation for now or our and we’re going to all tree roads
out here for our bus station let’s bring this out
like test a hug wat I didn’t actually measure but major hey we’re measuring men now pic the here’s fine and then will bring this
one to see the line will bring it to you the
apt care will go two lines this time yes ok BOM perfect score where nice okay and turn big my part in huh who now I’m very big my part in okay so we could put this boom right
here am well I it let’s put it has put it on a backside or mmm I actually have to check this do they use this parking lot is this user is decorative it looks like they’re just decorative
they don’t get used although his cars in that one yeah I think the parking lot use yes his dues are clickable cars owner a whole look at this it tells you
the owner Amanda Reed resided aspirations landfill worker at the landfill site
visiting big bite restaurant volume and a there
you are you parked far away oh that’s cut that’s kinda fun snooping oh that’s pretty cool okay so it looks like they do use the
parking spots I okay so let me I’m going to do a
little decorative job on this maybe so I’ll be back with you
just a moment assumptions tellin me I just put a bunch effort into this pretty
plays and people are gonna park here I don’t
think they’re going to anybody wanna have my ankle parking he nobody okay well I guess we’re gonna need to
have some people that live in this area but as I built a
little bit the dust a dust be poll a bus depot apparently the Sea Eagles are the only
ones interested at the moment but we’ll see look at how they skip of what all I wonder if that’s a good
thing to have in a roundabout where you come in town and just leave well I guess it’s time to start testing
the traffic out from and see how good or bad it actually is gay so let’s go here and cue you start getting some people in town new in town is what they are lead in israel is
pretty rare will go black an ashtray to cross
connect is act work is streak what looks straight to you guys this
let’s go with that that look straight straight enough right
okay good right alright and then let’s take one in these about midway through and let ever go
like Angelique just a little bit anger linked just to Lake here yes pretty K that’s just a little side
road your job don’t worry about it is there for your
viewing pleasure okay now we’ve got that now let’s start
putting some rose in this way then that the ad that road is a little bit on
the cricket side is in it well that’s okay this one is definitely
but that was on purpose okay let’s turn the snapper of does
snapper picked hi and picked connect their very fine picked in very fine indeed right and must bring one straight-out
pic who again very good I like that it’s nice now when I come when I come to
bring this road out this way when am I gonna run into him is going to
connect I’m it doesn’t look like it’s going to connect violence bulldoze let’s get some people in this city now
is stacked they’re anxious and they’re ready won’t
move now we’re going to have this main road
kinda go will no bridge in we gotta run outta money I say picked let’s just take it to hear and
call it good okay cath here we go run out I K I D people get to live right
next to the bus stop okay I we will go residents right in here home own bone boom and I think if I’m not
mistaken they should get a little bit of electricity after
this place maybe not we’ll see but they definitely
won’t get any water so lester bring this down cake down here from straight lines picked and little by: hero I see people move in and do you see
it pic in picked game boom there we go yes people move in great
make me money get me pay baby I’m I’m Maya I’m in need of this okay desperate alright star using the bus well there’s no bus lines functioning
are there that’s okay will get a gun operating normally no no
that was a different thing there’s a bus haha buses in use 0 a with this electricity run to hear it is
connecting great enjoy your electricity freaks all right
now can I put I’m I i kinda try to plan this out to
where I could put yes some commercial industry right there unfortunately there’s no desire for commercial industry day don’t wanna live right there so
let’s let’s just keep going residential until there is a commercial demand that sound good i like it it will go back to the regular roads and I’d like to keep actually going
straight am so if we went you like here this is a good midway
point bone couldn’t kick good I know these roads may seem crazy
you guys but they’re they’re nice I like them picked that’s good it’s good Roddick latter Venters actually owns okay more people we can get in here the
better and they’re going to start to maintain
some industry pretty soon we can start doing that as well but the may day we
wanna do is we want to get them running with the big bucks situation get him on the bus and get that thing functioning so we can
have a nice back and forth boom from one city to the next you know
what I mean a okay so they’re building up nicely boom bill that and that’s good
electricity is Ryan because at least reuse not too noisy by the expressway I wouldn’t
think let’s take a listen borderline silent k hear nothin’ Yes No happy you love it okay nobody visiting here
yet cuz there’s no line so let’s set up a bus line let’s try to do this can we OG’s money
flowing in nicely so that’s good I did I set up the water for these
freaks not all the way picked k we have already been lookin at
our other city this is little dangerous am I was this a one-way now did i do one way here I sure did let’s downgrade a backed to a regular away boom boom well are you one way to he sure is I didn’t even know guys had no clue every Oct better maybe so these are one
ways as well but the and now let’s get let’s try to
get a bus line working here UK we’re gonna make this place a
functional place why did that happen object reference not set to an instance
of an object wait a second i turn that thing of no its not liking
wherever we are right now all oh man this is bad am a little
nervous now okay let me let me restart okay I’ll be
right back a hot somebody park in the parking lot now these ones I’m a custom I made these
parking lights custom these were actually put together and I’m wonderin yeah I’m not sure not sure how the worker if I need to
move this closer to the edge I’m not sure we’ll see now
but yeah somebody use this their cars in
there now that person tram cars there up but that’s pretty cool and he just drove I use drove through
there okay this could be a jerk who is Koo I
like it now but we’re making some good money
there’s actually I had something in here and I’m not sure where it is in
this is going to drive me absolutely nuts and not being able to find it but
there’s something it’s a custom-made area or your area but its everything its
buses and trains budget stuff so we’ll see a bitch the road just kill the
roundabout thing they don’t even use it anymore a fresh probably break up track and go back got you sucker okay its sole I hope this isn’t gonna do this
again a high no problem okay great so let’s create a new line then I
suppose for now we’ll just go from here can I come out here and will it no Wow wow okay but they’ll on or is that what
they’re going to say maybe maybe I should put a bus stop out here are with the word is that how
that works from one city to the next I’m trying to think Anna yes question mark send the bus out here you pick up all the people let’s say
here adds a stop they’re happy okay it stops there they don’t have
water stops here and then just comes back maybe and that’ll be a way they pick up people
bring them back in go out there pick up people bring
back maybe I don’t know now let’s check to
our our water availability is good I don’t
know why they’re what is their water problem I guess we got the availability but I’ve
gotta turn down in the budget probably is cranky a little bit and see
what happens okay I all right we’ve got a crime problem
out here really bad so we gotta get the police going I
wanted to do a police headquarters but we’re still in a we need to make money mode so y’all just
gonna have some crime that’s just how its gonna have to be and
you’re gonna love it it going to love it pratt was put down commercial right
there look at the bus is now leaving they’re going so many buses so many
buses stop in picking somebody up right here a high sure people walk to this spot rate here
they walk here yeah sure I see that I can see that okay this is all backed up for for a reason you know but to but that’s
cool I like this is actually a beautiful shot take this for my memory’s sake she’s sucker but okay I like it i like it then they’re going to go out
there gonna take up people and they’re gonna pick people up as well very nice okay you can always hear from real from the other you lay people go back inside I a that that they’ve made I’ll that was
pretty funny ago that is very beautiful place I like
that there’s a little bitter industrial
demand let’s go come back here now and they were saying they’re complaining
something about what or were you complain about why he said
mang by USAID he got two children uneducated you’ll bomb now because you
live in exile that pollution I know let me you know what you know what you
need a monopole those one of these houses okay and whose saying that Sloan police molds here you go K there you go there’s a little swing part for your
alright I R bring your joy to them at most freak good job b-dubs thank you was wrong money low land value you pray
you wrong angry you want me angry said again with a
swing hey what is this though what is this
marker when everyone businessmen not enough
educated workers at a commercial building in is that
because we’re taking them all out here but check our education situation then
it’s time to do a little bit of managing here %ah okay capacity eligible we’ve got enough forty-six percent educated okay but now
we’ve got citizens out in this area to over here need educating how we’ve got got the ability to prepare the station n I wanted to kinda put down to
headquarters but was just too stew the right thing you
guys put on Main Street I think it’s a good
idea in up you go suckers po-po gonna be coming for you class
right get pull over mom sucker okay very cool people using this look at people lined
up at the bus stop now we can set up a another one where and this way cause lo busque logs I
don’t know we can set up another line that starts
like here in goes out somewhere else so people
stand in different spots for different things you follow what i’m
saying is pretty cool looking as Megan to rain we get rich what are our resources out
here now hot forestry I say boy lots have who I should pack this
mountain with that yeah I should pack this mountain with or
industry goodnight seems like the right thing to
do seems like there oh it will really
appreciate that was we get enough money okay very good now I is the commercial demand still there
yesterday so I’ll expand this you wanna go shoppin that’s the place
rada bank Turner and now let’s continue making our roads group yes this intersection thing seems to be
working out okay it’s a it’s been working out okay probably because we haven’t had a too many people here inner-city pic am but still I’m I’m happy with how it’s been going
it work ahead in them limit guessing right here owner picked a red hair up %uh are you don’t get on get all crazy
on me espy you can do that pic but I wonder since I did that goes
didn’t connect pic those different heights well we got
a flow we got a floater everybody get dad there alright will work that out later more residential demand let’s keep put
in a min a packet in packet impact getting real
nice boom get him some why why all the rain
Thursday we’re good I get that black flash every once in a
while on okay yes that nothing here yet we just call that good rate in there okay okkk I don’t know if I want to connect up
against this this part right here should I feel like the roads gonna end up being
pretty weird ideal pic actually not bad I kinda like that I do I like you very much okay good and then
this one will go rate picked to %ah that did not work out as well and I’m
and straight across who ugly is it feels like it’s actually at is a little
bit minute Macross oh no snappy picked pic good enough as good a hacer look at this is gonna be
a beautiful little place alright and then we’ll put maybe a
little park situation I don’t know in the middle we’ll see water do you have water you do wonderful job B dubs they got that cash very good lot a resident down here and
they’re gonna be communion community in look at ’em you every
community in a lot to get to the to the other side for work right now I’m
imagining and these are all uneducated people I’m a I’m gonna guess dog waiting hi okay this is a uneducated child yeah okay let’s see how these people
pylon this is so good this is show good those
people just unloaded very good the coming here for some
reason what are you waiting for his bus home maybe no sample it all
always this in travel I have a a and I have an advanced version of this it to it can detect the Airbus you coming in
amazing game okay to the drop-off I think I saw a
drop of situation your job to cover people off there’s much be plugged in right we’ll never go okay elementary student at that’s cool going to the general
store oh man I would love to follow one of
these people oh my goodness we r old baby a triple mister bailey are you doing girl Co read look at this now we just wait in
line at the buzzer okay let’s get on a bus who could ride in the butt who we know
that sounds crazy hey there’s a buncha buses I’m is one of
those things I guess I spent some time off camera just Aaron taking a look for a while but
it seems like most people this might be a huge waste in space I don’t know we’ll see it day they
definitely have used this some people use these kinda cool I don’t know how to designate make an
actual work in parking space we’ll see but i think thats gonna
do it for today’s episode we gonna get some more things going on out here but this is a
nice little start to upgrading to our next level we’re making
three thousand dollars now we’re up to for almost 5,000 people going pretty
well and then our next stage we can take it
to the next level who this can be a cool little spot to
build them ok baby okay anyway thank you guys so
much for watching I think we got some good progress done today and we’ll see you all in the next