I’m here at the ruins of an ancient
Mesoamerican civilization the same people who made these ruins were the first people discover how to make chocolate out of this fruit Chocolate is derived
from the seeds of the cacao tree which is native to the tropical regions of the
Americas as far back as 1900 BC Meso americans began turning these cacao seeds into the first form of chocolate a bitter drink called xocolatl by the
Aztecs It was used in a variety of forms by the Micaiah Olmec Mayans and Aztecs in the religious ceremonies as medicinal treatment and even as an aphrodisiac The Mayans referred to it as a drink of the gods and the carbines were so valued they were often used as a form of currency Through the spanish conquest of the americas in the 16th century this beverage was introduced to the wider world However the bitter flavor wasn’t liked
by the Spanish some would describe it as a bitter drink for pigs so they introduced sugar and honey to
the chocolate and by the seventeen hundreds it was a popular beverage all over Europe It wasn’t until the industrial
revolution of the eighteen hundreds that they discovered how to turn chocolate
into a solid form And in 1847 Joseph Fry created the first modern chocolate bar this new way to eat chocolate exploded
in popularity in the early 20th century On this series of how to make everything
I’ll make my own chocolate bar all the wayfrom scratch starting here in Mexico from the cacao bean Ever since the Spaniards brought back the strange fruit in the 16th century chocolate has evolved into an integral aspect of modern life it can now be found in many different shapes and forms Fifty-two percent of americans claim chocolate as a favorite flavor and each year the average american consumes over
11 pounds of chocolate While Germany, Switzerland and the UK all consumed twice as much the global chocolate market is worth
almost a hundred billion dollars and And today many holidays revolve around the consumption of chocolate so what would it take to make this modern staple yourself
that’s what we’re going to find out Join me on this 5,000 mile journey as I
trek into the jungles of southern Mexico to harvest my own raw cacao pods then learn how to ferment them into cocoa beans roast them over a fire and turn them into actual chocolate I will be going through every step
necessary to make my own chocolate bar entirely from scratch and by the end of
the series I will attempt to recreate several popular candy bars myself stay tuned for the upcoming weeks as
this adventure and folds