Hi guys so a few months ago I made a pretty extensive China travel guide In which I received a ton of questions still and so that made me realize that there was always more questions to be answered so I’m making a China travel guide number 2 with an addition of Q&A so it’s like an updated version I’m just gonna add or reiterate some really important points that I said in my first video plus some Updated information that I found out from other people the first part I’m gonna be talking about 10 things not to do in China and Part number two. It’s gonna be Q&A your questions answered so First of all, I just want to say I got a lot of people in the comment section from the last video saying they’re nervous They’re excited, but they’re nervous about traveling to China. Don’t be nervous China is a wonderful country to travel to there’s so much to see there’s so much good food to eat with this video I hope I can equip you with some knowledge and information. Don’t worry don’t stress Everything is gonna be ok, and you’re gonna have a great time in China. Ok So let’s start with 10 things not to do number one. It’s gonna be don’t expect people to speak English But that’s ok Because what you can try to do is find young students or college students or high school students. Most likely they were required to take some kind of English class I believe a lot of people will be very excited to speak to foreigner and practice their English Do not be afraid to learn a couple of phrases the reason why is because I always Notice when I’m travelling to a new country if I can even speak just a couple of things in their language. It’s always appreciated for China specifically I know I have seen this happen a ton of times Chinese people love it when they see foreigners speak Chinese It’s very amusing for them So I think it all or maybe some major points when you’re traveling first thing is hello. Very simple, Nihao Nihao Number two is thank you xie xie And we’re just gonna tack on a number three because it’s kind of like that. Excuse me In China, it’s basically you’re saying please can I ask? You can use this to get someone’s attention. For example So if you’re out and about and you try to get out of attention, you can say qin wen That’s kind of like please. Can I ask you something number three is don’t be offended and just know that Personal space isn’t such a concept in China This is just because there’s such a dense population Especially if you’re travelling in big cities, I think people were just really used to being super close to each other all the time Especially when you’re waiting in line Especially on the train buses. So but just be aware of it. I warned my partner when we were travelling and at first he thought I was just joking But you got to see it firsthand how pushy sometimes people can be but like I said, please don’t be offended but just be aware so that way When it does happen to you or one if you’re waiting in line Someone kind of gets a little bit too close to you. You know that it’s Just something that happens in China But number four I have to say this one more time because I got a ton of questions Don’t go to China without a VPN app The one that I used personally for a few months and was called expressvpn. I’ll put it here I’m gonna link down below It’s an affiliate link that I used because I really trust their product and they do offer 24/7 customer support it worked really well for me. Sometimes I had to reconnect and disconnect but that’s expected So the link down below If you do use the my link sign up, I will get a very small Commission and at no extra cost to you So I would really appreciate it. If you could please use my link, and basically having a VPN Product you can install it the app on your phone as well as I think it’s an extension or some thing on your laptop I used both of them So whenever you get to China you just have to go to the app and Hit connect the same way on your laptop and you can bypass the firewall and it’ll reroute you I believe I’m not that tech Savvy, but I think it just basically changes your IP address. So it seems like you’re using the internet from Another country and that way you can use Facebook Instagram snapchat Whatsapp. Google all Google’s Products if you have any other questions in regards to VPN just let me know in the comments below so I do recommend You to just purchase it just to be safe before you leave That’s what I did number five is accomodation don’t expect Chinese hotels or Bed-and-breakfast to take foreigners. It’s so important that I have to do this one more time So I went into this trouble a lot because when you check into a hotel they always require You to have your passport that you may make a copy of it Even big cities like Beijing and Shanghai I ran into problems where so many accommodations that were within our budget I looked for did not take foreigners. So it’s just the restriction that they have I’m not sure exactly why if you do know he can let us know in the comments below But basically if you have a foreign passport and not a mainland Chinese ID A lot of places will not accept you So if you’re not traveling on a budget and you can stay at the more expensive international chains, that’s great for you But before your booking always always double-check and make sure that it doesn’t say Mainland citizens only so I’m number six. That’s the Chinese six Is don’t expect your foreign credit cards to work in China I believe the only time I ever was able to use my credit card and I really tried was One time in a McDonald’s and it was like really huge Shopping mall. So most of the time they’ll only accept Chinese bank cards or cash. So cash is the best currency, of course, but Keep your credit cards and your wallets because they’re not probably not gonna work in most places number seven Don’t be afraid to ask for help I know you think there’s a language barrier and it’s gonna be hard to get your ideas across But once you have your VPN once you get on your Google Translate You can type out the question you have And translate it into Chinese and ask someone if they can help you out if you cannot find a student who speaks English So I had to ask police officers. I had asked random people on the street I asked shop owners cuz I got lost quite often and everyone was very willing to help if they could and number eight I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my last video Do not take the Chinese New Year lightly So Chinese New Year is gonna be on a different day every single year So just check the calendar type in Google Chinese New Year 2019 for example is happening on February 5th So the Chinese New Year is not like the New Year’s eve or the New Year’s Day you’re used to maybe in your country It’s like a month long event. So crazy shopping beautiful red decorations, very festive Beautiful fireworks happening. However, it really really affects travel. Everybody is going home It’s gonna be really difficult to buy train tickets bus tickets maybe even a flight so you have to try and avoid Traveling during the entire week of the Chinese, New York So just make sure you plan your trip accordingly And if you do if you do happen to be in China during Chinese New Year month book way way way ahead of time and also petty crime rates is gonna be higher just as you would expect for instance during Christmas time, so Be more aware of Pickpocketers watch out for your belongings a bit better. It’s gonna be more crowded in some places and plan accordingly for the Chinese New Year also It’s gonna be beautiful and it’s gonna be so festive and happy so pros and cons and I don’t know. number 9 Don’t pack too many things I know you feel like you might be safer or More prepared if you pack everything that you need before you go to China But you know when you see those labels that says Made in China You can find everything when you get there And also it’s gonna be a lot cheaper than the prices that you used to at home So if you need a selfie stick if you need I don’t know new shoes walking shoes clothes There’s pharmacies that you can go to for, you know, regular pain relief or cold medicine or something like that so I really recommend you not to over packed and you’re gonna want to save some space in your suitcase for Souvenirs or any other kind of shopping once you’re there Okay, so number 10 It’s something that I also mentioned in the past in the first video, but it kind of ties in with number 9 Don’t take the first price you get so bargain I’m gonna teach you another phrase really quick here. If you want to say too expensive. It’s tai gui le tai gui le – that means like too much You can have your phone ready and you can type in the price and your calculator and show it to the merchant That’s the parent the price that you think is fair they might even have a calculator on hand to negotiate with you about the price but as I mentioned before That’s not the merchants trying to trick Foreigners or tourists they will give you a higher price than they would give the locals but even with the locals everyone bargains But I’m not talking about like big department stores or chain stores with official my fact I’m talking about smaller boutiques So they do inflate the price quite a bit Make sure you don’t just accept the first price you get okay? so that’s my 10 things not to do one in China and if you want more information about apps accommodation transportation different culture shock etiquette things to be aware of please visit my first video Somewhere I’m gonna link it above we’re just gonna jump very quickly now into the Q&A section of this video Okay. One question that I got a lot is is China safe? Yes, it’s safe I feel much safer when I’m traveling in China and walking at night on the street than I do in Los Angeles Why because there’s always people out and there’s always businesses open. So you’re never alone. You’re never Walking down the street in the dark in dim light. So yes, definitely extras caution when you’re walking around at night and Just don’t take weird alleys or back roads, but really I do feel safe in China because there’s more people around because the businesses are open a lot later and I’ve never gotten into any trouble but please actually this car should always be aware of your surroundings and Use your intuition if something doesn’t feel right get out of there What’s the deal with WeChat pay? Okay. So this question came up a lot WeChat is an app that basically Everybody uses in China because now it’s taken over Bank cards and any payment options so you basically have this app and you can scan a code to pay for everything So if you have a foreign card it, no, it’s not gonna work as of today 2018 September it does not WeChat app does not take foreign cards. However If you’re traveling long-term in China It is gonna be a good idea to just hop on over to a local bank Get yourself a Chinese bank card, and you can set up WeChat And use it just like a local would and you don’t need to worry about cash You don’t need to worry about your credit cards This app takes care of a lot of stuff But that is my very important tip for WeChat pay if you want to I’ve heard someone literally say getting a Chinese bank Account is easier than paying for a train ticket or buying for a train ticket So if you are travelling long term, I recommend you to just go in and get yourself a Chinese bank card, okay? This is it for the China travel guide number two with Q&A I hope I helped make you feel better about your upcoming trip to China or if your planning thinking about traveling to China It’s really not scary And even though it’s gonna be really different and there’s gonna be a huge culture shock for a lot of the stuff It’s gonna be an amazing experience If you would like to help support me and my channel, I do work right now 30 plus more hours a week And I basically just trying to find as much time as I can to work hard on my videos and my blog but if you’d like to support me first give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and Share it with anyone. You think might find helpful that really helps me out And I’m also gonna link my Patreon up here up here If you could support me, that would be super wonderful. I really really appreciate it I also have exclusive rewards for if you sign up to be a patron so go check that out I just want to give a quick shout out to my current two very supportive Patrons Mitch and she touched thank you both so much for your support. I hope you liked your postcards Um, and another way you can support me is by using my affiliate link – So like I said again I get a very small commission when you use my link at no extra cost to you at all whatsoever So those links are gonna be below as well again guys I really take pride in answering every single question and that I get in my video So don’t be shy don’t be afraid to reach out and say hello Even if you don’t have a question and you just want to say hi, I’ll definitely get to those as well So until next time a lot of exciting things coming up if you have a question for me I’ll link the video here or in the description for you to leave a comment and ask me anything you want So I hope you feel more prepared for you’re trying to travel and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye