Chimichanga Recipe! (Two Ways) Hey guys, thanks for stopping by Ballistic BBQ. Today
pork Chimichangas two ways. Let’s get going. Alright, so my main motivation for this recipe
was simply dealing with a large amount of pulled pork, I have leftover from a recent
cook and I’m hoping this will inspire some of you guys to come and get a little bit more
creative with some of the leftovers that we end up with.
So, flour tortilla down. This is a big tortilla. Use whatever size you have available. I have
here the pulled pork. Basically the idea was I just simmered the pulled pork from the fridge
in a skillet it with some chipotle sauce, its kind a nice big heat to it too.
So, I’m just going to go ahead and put this is on to the tortilla. Alright, now typically
here in San Diego at least a chimichanga is going to either a beef or a chicken and
it’s going to be almost a braised meat. It will have onions and peppers and stuff in
it. So, we’re just going to go to the pulled pork.
The cheese will usually be served on top of the chimichanga as it’s plated but I’m going
to put it in on the inside because I love melted cheese. This Oaxaca Cheese.
It melts really, really well. That’s what they use it for, is quesadillas. On top of that,
I’m just going to put a canned, this is a canned hatch chili that I have in cupboard
and go ahead and get this rolled up. Alright, we’re actually done. Let’s go ahead
and get the second one made. This ones going to be even simpler tortilla and I have here just
some pulled pork that I simmered with a little BBQ sauce, that’s it. Alright, I got the big old wok in the backyard on the grill, heat it up with oil and
ready to go. Let’s go out there and cook these guys up.
Alright guys have the 22 inch wok, filled with canola oil. Its preheated and ready to
go on the Weber. Now, sounds like an extravagant thing here this wok. I paid less
than $40 for it at Restaurant Depot. You could find them on eBay, I’ve seen them. And if
you have the Craycort, you just remove one of the grates and it will sit right there
on one of the quarters. It’s really neat. I have a lot of fun with this.
So, before we get to cook’n in I need to get this burritos ready for their jump into
glory here. what I’m going to do is fasten a toothpick into the tortilla just to keep
them from falling apart once it hits this hot oil, easy stuff.
Alright so we’re going to ahead and go with the first burrito just stick on a ladle
or something. Protect you hands and immerse it into the oil. We’re just going to keep flipping
this to make sure they get evenly cooked. Alright guys and thats what we’re looking
for, just a nice and golden brown tortilla. Get this on some paper towels. Meet you in
the house we’re going to plate these guys up.
Alright guys I have two burritos to plate. Hope you stick with me on this one here. We’re
going to start with that Mexican version first. Very traditionally, you’re going to get a
chimichanga at the Mexican restaurant or tacos stand. It’s going to be plated on just some
shredded iceberg the lettuce. Go ahead and lay that down. I’ve already removed the toothpick.
Now again, at a restaurant you’re going to get some Cotija cheese or something sprinkled
over the top. I’ve got all that Oaxaca cheese on the inside. Just let me go ahead and put
some nice fresh guacamole down, some salsa, A Mexican crema which I love. Just regular
sour cream it work but you can see why I like this stuff. And there we have it guys,
gorgeous. Let’s go ahead and give it a shot. Eating a chimichanga is more like eating a
meal, you don’t just pick it up like a regular burrito and tear into it. See all that cheese
melting? Wow. And I’ll eat it kind of like a Thanksgiving dinner I’ll take them a little bits and pieces. If I had
rice or beans where I dip it in there. Wow!
So, right now in the back of my throat I’m getting hit with the chipotle sauce. So I’m really
comfortable burn though. It’s not unpleasant. For me I love a fried, its right at the back
of my favorite, a fried flour tortilla. There is something kind of magic about it. You know
there instead of like a corn tortilla gets in a hard and crispy. It more light and crisp and it’s just that some very good. Big fan of chimichanga big fan of floutas.
Let’s go ahead and plate this barbecued version here. So, in conceiving this particular recipe
I thought I just kind of make it again traditional Southern barbecue. So, what I have here is
very lightly dressed coleslaw. Lightly dressed just simply because I don’t want to soak
this tortilla too much. Put it down. Then I’m going to heat this just for some
barbecue sauce. Again, I got the barbecue sauce on the inside. This to me is just — it
just sound at least likes a perfect bite. And let’s go ahead and take a look at this one
and a crisp, crisp flour tortillas, I just love that steam coming out right now. This
is gorgeous. So let’s go ahead and take a bite at this
one. Give this is a shot. Wow! Again, the whole thought of this is— just going to take a little bit some
pieces as at crisp tortilla, the pork, stab into some of that coleslaw. Wow!
Now, I have tell you I’m a huge, huge Mexican food fan. I grew up here in San Diego.
Just a rocks throw from the border but I have to tell you of the two, it just be my
mood today but I like the barbecued one best and may too just because I’m not used to this.
This is in my book a winner. I’m digging it really in the coleslaw I just having a nice little
touch. Anyway guys, thanks again for checking out my video. I really, really appreciate
the time you take watching them and making comments and everything. Hope to see on the next
one. Cheers.