[Video introducing Meet The Neighbors series] [Video of Grapevine] [Video of Chill on Main Street]>>BRITTANY: Hi This is Brittany from Grapevine
Station Apartments and this is our meet the neighbors series.
We are in historic downtown Grapevine on Main Street and we want to meet
some of our neighbors. So, we stopped by one of the most popular
happy hour spots in Grapevine called Chill. And with me today
is Murdoch who is bar manager of this awesome place. Murdoch, I
heard there’s some really cool history here?>>MURDOCH: Yes ma’am there is, Actually this
building’s been here since 1950. The gentlemen that built the building
still owns it. Jess Daniel. They’re a popular family from
here in Grapevine. We’ve taken it over about 3 years ago, turned it
into a sports bar but we’re much more than that. Also on the weekends,
Wednesday through Saturday we have a DJ so we kind of turn into
a club at 10 o clock. The lights go down, the lasers came up, the
music starts going. We have a good time.>>BRITTANY: Well that sounds pretty cool.
I know that our residents at Grapevine Station Apartments already love
Chill because they do give the residents special coupons. But can
you tell us about the other happy hour specials and different things
you have going on during the week?>>MURDOCH: Absolutely. Every weekday at lunch
we run a 5.99 lunch special that varies. It’s something completely
not on our menus so it changes every day. Every day at happy hour
we have a good time. Wednesday happy hours we have a live acoustic
set out on the patio. Uh, 2 dollar Crown and down on Wednesdays,
half priced burgers, half priced pizza on Mondays. Happy hour every
day of the week until 7 o clock.>>BRITTANY: Love this patio. One of the best
patios in Grapevine. I love coming here. How can everybody else
find you?>>MURDOCH: Actually, we’re involved in all
social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Um Yelp has some good
reviews for us. We’re right here at the corner of Main Street and
Dallas in historic downtown Grapevine in the historic district,
so we are pretty easy to find.>>BRITTANY: Well thank you, so much, for
being here with us. I’m Brittany from Grapevine Station Apartments
and this is our meet the neighbors series. And we just love meeting
new neighbors. So, we will see you down the road.