Hi guys! Today we’re making laksa. Laksa
is a creamy spicy coconut noodle soup from Southeast Asia and you can add in
any meat or vegetables or seafood that you like. Today I’m keeping it simple so
I’m making a chicken laksa. So I’ve gone to the grocery store and just bought
some roast chicken. We’re going to add in some bok choy, some hard-boiled eggs, fish tofu, some noodles and I’m sharing with you my favorite
lakaa brand It’s called Prima Taste. I know it’s from
a packet but it’s quite authentic, it’s delicious, so if you’re time-poor and
you’re craving something soupy, warm, and full of flavor, this is for you. Pour 900 millimeters of water into a pot Using the Prima Taste laksa kit, whisk
in the laksa premix packet and then we whisk in the laksa paste
packet and bring that to a boil. Reduce to
medium heat and add half a teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of fish sauce. Add
in 8 tubes of frozen fish tofu and then again bring it to a boil Prepare your egg noodles and vermicelli
rice noodles as per packet instructions Here I’m just warming up some cooked egg noodles and I’m boiling some vermicelli rice noodles For the chicken I’ve got
half a rotisserie roast chicken. Tear that apart and heat it if needed Blanch one bunch of bok choy To assemble each bowl per person add the noodles into a big bowl. Add in the chicken and cover with laksa soup and
fish tofu Look at that – it’s piping hot! Top with bok choy and a hard-boiled egg.
If you want to know how to make the perfect hard-boiled egg I have another
video just for that. And because this dish is from Singapore Malaysia it seems
appropriate to get my husband Ronny Chieng to come and taste test it. He
really loves food. Also you guys only seem to watch the videos if he’s in it
so *shruggs* Wow it smells so good like laksa mmm delicious! so good!