this is the sports bars episode so you
knew we couldn’t leave out wings and we heard on Facebook Twitter and our app
that output lounge has been back Adam in Alberto to get one step further and said
it’s the perfect spot to cheer on the airline night ILO baby checking out that
hot day Eddie you wrote it you like this you did when to graduate if you don’t
mind putting it out there was in the nineties what about your days in
Champaign why do you want to really bring that in have an established spot
here in Chicago from what I remember I had a great time there from what you can
remember seven years a college down the drain the neighborhood sports bar with
really great food we carry on that Illini tradition we got the sports bar
we got the game on let’s talk about the food
we’re going to be making what today we the wings are fantastic I’m a little
pepper fan and spike these are their fires I like to barbecue we’re going to
do the buffalo sweet and spicy and roasted garlic barbecue sauce my team
will make this the best I’ve been told from my co-host that you guys to have
amazing ring when people up he wasn’t lying that I’m going to show you why the
people say our wings are the best show me this is my ingredient for my little
flower yes my office here on seeking you’re not
telling maybe you can smell it smell good yeah that’s the trick he’s in a
flower drop a little bit little permit to wink with a prize – yeah just a
dusting okay cool right now is our cookies Vegas in the deep fryer
we got some time to wait so what are we doing any interpreting
she’s here today and I night yep still Orange Crush right you take the line
away to go to annoy – no not we stopped up our Buffalo and sweet and spicy and
shut Fidel gets the roasted garlic barbecue working on the grill
I got a new name for you Keith Illini swings right here to that one stairs are
broken cheese Illini wings this is demand right here
I was hard at work then we’ve got our scream spicy award-winning our
traditional Buffalo also award-winning and these are grilled soon-to-be
award-winning I like it much digging you know what’s great for
they’re not so really better it’s all about that light dusting
I’m just getting my face dirty you know that’s what we do also what teenage
good-looking work together brief user if you’re going to watch an ally night game
industry this into place to come in Chicago five and here you have a pretty
special item on the menu we call it the sweetness and I know
sweet sweetness is 34 wings homemade onion rings and homemade potato
wedges unreal we’re going to spend some time on this one if you want to watch an
Illini game and cheer your team on this is a flat video I don’t know I you