it’s Friday night and I’m looking for a
tasty fish fry James on Facebook said we needed to
check out Steve’s lounge and Hegewisch which is a great old time bar only
problem is I don’t know where head wishes or how to get there problem
solved with a built-in navigation in the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Pacifica take
me to the fish fry see thanks for having us in your lounge
thank you Steve’s at your lounge give us a little flavor for the neighborhood
Hegewisch the first thing that people say I didn’t know the city went that far
south we’re still Chicago we’re just the furthest that you could go we are only
about three to four blocks from Indiana it’s still a great great neighborhood
I’m 60 years old I grew up here all my life I’ve been here since 1971 it’s a
sense of the community it’s a sense of family it’s just so nice to come here
what’s the history yeah how long you guys been here
Steve’s has been here since 1957 it was started by my mom and dad we’re a
everyday bar we do banquets and catering we do our Friday fish fry which is why
we’re here today it is the seafood episode it would make
sense yes bitch fries are awesome here a breading is flavorful but it’s not too
heavy there’s no oil content that’s the best fish you can get you do everything
from scratch you fill a you make the breading you do the batter yes
well I’m a hungry man and if I’m filleting this could take hours so
should we should we get back in the kitchen and get at it yes okay are you
ready for filleting a walleye 101 I don’t know who’s more nervous you will
meet so you take your fillet knife hit it right behind the gills right and then
once you feel backbone here you’re just scaling the spine have at it
this could either be a monster mental you I know you can do it I know you’ve
been so it’s not even it was I’m the gills uh you’re getting there I I am a
walleye might look like a perch after you’re done with it but I was an in
fishing junk because punch is small yes so not I got this Steve I think perfect okay child portion adult for shit I
can’t get much worse moving on can we can we batter these at least I could be
a little bit better than that bird what is in the watch does it looks thicker
than normally doesn’t look like a normal one it is evaporated milk caps the
coating to adhere to the fish okay it’s best to go one hand for the wash the
other hand for the breading that’s why that way well I saw you put torn up oh
you thought you saw that because if you were to put two hands in there and then
you go to coating right here this is gonna have a click to my hand obviously
so that bad boy is buried yes we’re gonna let that sit three to four minutes
and then we’re ready to fry and die why do you find these boys up and then I’ll
see you out front great okay Cheers always keep this egg
plain dum-dum can to wash cheers Cheers history of places
Hegewisch pistol war while becoming parch let’s jump in now he’s a superior
taste the fish it could be Mead butchering it to pieces
in the kitchen you still can’t change the way that tastes it’s light that’s
what people like fish fry perfection what makes you Chicago is best here at
Steve’s lamb for seafood great food great friends reasonable prices that’s
it spoken like a true man for this outside
simplicity honesty they’re just the best you