thank you to all of our fans who have
been blowing up our social media page since day one of Chicago’s best about
Manny’s a classic Jewish deli that’s been serving it up for 75 years better
late than never I guess walking into this place from the Manny
sign out front to this cafeteria style you guys really are a Chicago classic it
was started by my great grandfather and his brother Charlie she’s been passed
down through generations we’ve been in this location since 1965 but we’ve been
in the neighborhood for 75 years history the neighborhood
Manny’s has been here first started coming to mayonnaise and around the
mid-60s at least thirty years I only have three reasons to go to the city cub
games my daughter our bands I hear that you’re the sandwich guy here at Manny the sandwich guys are going to teach me
how to do a classic corned beef Reuben how much of this do you guys go through
busy day about 800 pounds I can’t even imagine that’s so much corny it’s like
20 sandwiches here they’re huge let’s slice up our corned
meat it literally does all the work for me
so we shall s what the hard work done we grab rye bread swiss sauerkraut and
start the press time to work out our arms and pack on the meat you’re kidding
right little more Oh you got to work it off so I can eat that
sandwich you all right we’re good before I meet up with our fan I’m gonna find
out what the customers thing about the corn to Pete Oh have I had the corned
beef the corned beef is really good it’s the best in the city
can’t go wrong it’s a Chicago classic I made cows and endangered species with
what I’ve eaten not in your David thank you so much for writing in for being one
of our biggest fans and for coming to Manny’s with us today thank you Fabian
show what is it about Manny’s how long you been coming not as long as
mayonnaise has been open but I do love all their food obviously the sandwiches
are piled really high with me and it is a Chicago institution having been here
for 50 years in this location 75 years overall well I’ve kept you talking long
enough this is the fun part the corned beef is perfection just a multitude of
flavors all at the same time follow it up with a bite of pickle that’s happy
thank you so much for being a loyal fan and viewer and for coming out with us
today and for all of you at home thank you for watching for sending in your
suggestions it should cause of this