hungry and I’m angry and the best way to
manage the hanger is to eat some spicy food
an unknown Chicago and Twitter’s been yelling at me forever to get my butt to
Logan Square and furious spoons well shut up do because I’ve already here
let’s get a heat on get away Jordan tell us a little bit about the history of the
furious food my grandfather had a ramen shop in Hokkaido Japan in the 1960s so I
kind of want to follow this tradition so the concept is Tokyo sell ramen with a
loud hip-hop music these guys are the first to set precedent with associating
hip-hop and ramen together ramen very spicy and has that like upbeat style
music sometimes all together they go hand in hand this is our spicy episode
so what would be a good spicy ramen dish our namesake that’s called the Furious
ramen we actually make hot sauce with chili habanero pepper you suck it up and
clears out your nasal passages it might make you angry that’s how spicy
this I’m ready to bring the heat from I’m making the noodles with we got this
guy his name is actually Frankie noodles in the place window we just I’m Frankie
noodles everybody I’m Elia everyone it’s very hip hop inspired yeah yeah these
chili flakes are added to the flour then pressed into the toilet paper roll of
noodles that some spicy toilet paper it’s just can you just go out I’m just
gonna have a quick moment to myself right here we should get to noodling
right bring the noodles across you’re going to dangle them down twist it just
a little bit drop it down like that so it’s like a bird’s nest is the idea as
well to look like an old lady from the 16th century yeah that’s the idea
grandma Frankie noodles you want on us so I used to play with my grandma with
their grandma noodles and I roll out a full batch and it’s time to head back
upstairs with Shin we dropped the chili noodles and it’s
time to stop prepping the bowl this is the fury sauce this is where the fury
happens but you can make it up we get extra I was like three of them in there
you see Britney it’s strange she went level one you can get up to a level four
but since I’m a rookie I’m starting at the bottom
well that’s weak you’re here for the spicy that’s right Brett I just went to
three moving down the line to the broth you have a full ladle whiskey whiskey
whiskey whiskey whiskey whiskey some spice is this going on my nose right now
I did my part all that shit at the toppings while I
spice things up with again spicy to me is all about the flavor had a little bit
of kick and a little bit more flavor I always add marque it should hurt a
little bit chakal over a little bit not too much but a little bit that’s a great
line so there is correct Atika into how to eat ramen you slurp it down it helps
you eat it fester he’s really attacking that with urea Sangha so much spice
great fusion of flavor is it Chicago’s best that’s what I’m supposed to ask you
why are you sweating a gentleman should never ask
I’m mom Chicago I’m only furious because you didn’t make me come here sooner