(upbeat music) Sometimes you gotta
head southwest to go Middle East. And thanks to you guys,
we’re out in Bridgeview at Al Bawadi Grill for
a traditional taste of Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s gonna be intense. No, literally, it’s in tents. [rim shot] It feels like we
are transported. We’re no longer in
the southwest ‘burbs, but we’re actually in a
Bedouin village somewhere. – And that’s exactly what
we want you to feel like. The atmosphere is that of a
Bedouin village in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon. Tents covering up for shade. People killing their lamb
and grilling it on the spot. – What is quintessential
Middle Eastern food? – Rice and chunks of
meat that marinated, put on a skewer and
grilled over a flame. Or it was just chunks of
meat over beds of rice. – I was born to be a
southwest ‘burb Bedouin with air conditioning. – One thing about
Middle Eastern people is they cook with love. – This is the place to be. They are authentically
from the Middle East. – You would not find this
food anywhere else in Chicago to be honest with you. – There’s no Arabic good
out there like this place. – They’re already number one. – They’re already number one. 100 percent. – [Elliott] Like you mentioned,
kebabs are a great example of Middle Eastern or
Persian or Bedouin food. – You’re gonna be making
some fresh kufta kabobs. Fresh lamb. Kal’s gonna make sure
that if you don’t put your own meat on your kebab,
you’re not gonna eat today. – Challenge accepted. So this is Kal. He’s the man on the
mission to put us through our kebab paces. This is how your
kebabs start life. – [Kal] Yes, a shoulder. – City of broad shoulders gets the lamb of
broad shoulder kebab. We drop in our
lamb and season up. – [Kal] He’s the man. – I’m not. I’m like the child. With the peppers,
garlic, and parsley evenly spread, it’s
time for the magic. With this dessert sun
and this dehydration, I don’t know if this is a mirage or if it really
is this beautiful. Pinch my face. That’s the real deal. – [Kal] The skewers. – Please send the
skewers in on camels. Send them in on camels,
send them in on camels. Oh it’s not. It’s just some guys. Randall, stand over there. Stand still, Randall. (screams) Let’s skewer up
and hit the grill. You get a full desert
treatment here. Kal is even using a device
they call in the desert cardboards. – [Kal] That kufta, so you
have to turn it right away. Just one turn. – One turn? Oh! Seeing as you’re the
master of the grill, I should leave these with you. Maybe a few other
kabobs on there too? I’m gonna go rest up
in my Bedouin tent. – The mixed kabob
is one of the best. – Everything is literally
packed with flavor. – The meats are absolutely
like, as you’ve heard from others, it’s juicy. It’s the right amount of flavor. – The kebabs here are the best. – This is what it’s all about. Sitting down, relaxing in your air conditioned Bedouin tent. – Yes, we are. – I’m a hungry man. We actually ordered the shrimp
to go with the mixed grill. Should we dig in? – [Kalid] Why not? – Clink it. Amazing heat from
that charcoal grill. That lamb is cooked so quickly. It’s not given a
chance to dry out. I wanna know why you think
you guys are Chicago’s Best. – I’d like to say that we show
them the love through food. – Maha said that there’s
many other options for Middle Eastern
restaurants around here, but Al Bawadi,
hands down the best. Which is wrong because it
should be hands up the best. – There you go. – And I’m throwing both up. And I’m raising to
the Bedouin roof. You’re not doing it. – When the man wants
me to raise the roof, we’re raising the roof. (upbeat music)