♪ boom boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom boom – With more than 100 different
safety features available, I feel completely safe bringing
Grace to work with me today in the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. And since today is
a kid-friendly shoot and we’re going to
Amy’s Candy Bar, I thought what better
day to bring her to work? I’m getting shut in the door. Grace is shutting me
in the door (laughs). Don’t give your mini
van keys to a baby. (bright upbeat music) I love candy. It’s my favorite food. And for those of you who say
it’s not food, you’re wrong. How did you come to
open a candy store? – Between corporate jobs, I
attended French pastry school. What I enjoyed most were
the confections and candy. This is a true old
school confectioner shop. This is kind modeled after the
European style candy store. – What’s that like seeing
a kid’s eyes light up when they walk in the door? – It’s why I’m here. It brings joy to my life
seeing them so happy in here and enjoying what
they’re eating. It really makes my day. – If you could pick any
candy in here to bring home, what would you pick? – Gum. – What’s your favorite
kind of candy? – Gum. – One of my favorite
things is the gum. – I really like your shirt. – Thanks. – How many times do you
think you’ve been here? – Like one thousand. – I love candy. – It’s a little puppy dog. – Is your puppy dog
hungry for candy? – Probably. – Probably? – Nom nom nom nom. – What are we making? – Today we’re making
our s’mores candy bar. – [Marley] What goes in it? – Graham cracker, a
chocolate ganache on top, and on top of that, goes
vanilla bean marshmallow. We lightly toast it,
we then cut them, and dip them in a
Belgian milk chocolate. – Okay. – The whole process
takes four days. – But today, we’ll speed
that all up for you guys. We’ve got graham. Step one of s’mores. – Correct. – I’m seeing step two. – We do, we have chocolate,
cream, and butter. You can see how it’s
starting to emulsify. – I feel so much more
pressure on baking shoots because everything has
to be done so precisely. – [Marley] It’s time to build
this smore layer by layer. – All right, we’ve
got our graham, we’ve got our ganache, next step: marshmallows. – In here we have
glucose, sugar, and water. While that’s cooling, we’re
gonna whip up our egg whites here and we’re get
’em nice and fluffy. But it needs to be
plugged in first, right? (laughter) – No, it’s brilliant! I hope all of this stays in. – So now that the egg
whites are pretty much where we want them,
we are going to add the gelatin mixture
into the sugar mixture. – Do you trust me to
put this in to there? – No (laughs) sorry. – I knew it! No! – I’m gonna slowly pour this in. – So nice and fluffy. – Watch it rise. – [Marley] Once our
marshmallow mix is just right, it’s time for vanilla and,
of course, a taste test. – I could eat that entire bowl. – This is going
to sit overnight. – Any advice on the torching? I have set the paper
on fire before. – You can do it. – I can do it. – You can do it. – That’s more for
you than for me. I wish that you guys
could smell this because it is spectacular. – So we are gonna let this rest. – If you need me,
I’ll be in the store. – [Marley] It’s time
for these babies to take their final swim. – [Marley] And how long do
we have to wait to eat them? – [Amy] Usually 24 hours. – Okay so we’ll go eat
ones that are out front. – Exactly. (upbeat music) – I have been ready for
this since we arrived. Look at this, look. That is just the ooey gooiest
fluffiest marshmallow. – It was delicious. I would say it’s
better than a s’more. – That little hint of chocolate. – And there’s just a little
bit of toastiness in there. – You get all that deliciousness like you roasted it
yourself outside, but you don’t actually
have to do any of the work. – Exactly.
– I love this. How much joy does it bring
you owning a candy shop? – Having the kids come
in, and even adults, finding the thing that
they love the most, it takes them back
to their childhood. And then the look
on their faces, it’s just delightful. – Well nothing is
more kid-friendly than hanging out in
a vintage candy bar. Thank you for having me. And thank you for bringing
me back to my childhood. – You’re welcome. – I feel like I’m right
around the campfire with you. – Thank you. (bright music)