we’re at the corner of 99th and Weston
in the Beverly neighborhood which is about as retro as they come at a spot
that’s been doing burgers dogs and beefs the old-school way since 1960
Jensen’s driving yes tell me a little about Johnson’s driving why are you guys
jacanas best jones’s driving has been here since 1960 well I’ve been coming
here for quite a long time I’ve been coming here since I was a kid the
nostalgia of it the history classic Beverly it looks good the philosophy
that we have here and they always had was everything has to be awesome the way
the food was made back in the 60s no shortcuts oh my god I never had such a
good hot dog there cheese burgers are the bomb the number one thing is the
beat I have telegraphy we had an email from Chris and he said he rates your
Italian beef right up there with all the Chicago favorites the other institutions
in the city they don’t use Certified Angus the quality of the product that we
use more fat in the beef itself so it gives you better taste in your mouth
I like your seriousness about food are you working a drive-in my friend I need
you to put this on right now I need you to loosen up a little bit
I’ll make our way back into the kitchen Gus may look silly in his hat but he
takes his beef very seriously with our stock juice and beef done it’s time to
build the Sam she’s got the best bread in town ready propose so it doesn’t
become too soggy with the beef on our bread that’s one portion that’s our big
beef that’s what the girls coming for the guys for the guys girls we need some
peppers gasps you like sweet or hot I like both my bros all right we’re ready
now you know what we’re nearly ready because I heard from Leon on Facebook
she said you can’t beat the banana milkshake at Jensen’s there you go I got
she everybody comes here for the banana milkshakes I don’t know what it is about
the banana milkshake but everybody loves it when I was pregnant – Nana milkshakes
were my thing they are just really scrumptious we started with our Shake
Mix and of course one add bananas yep you’re
gonna blow let me do that scores add more shake so little whipped
cream on top all right we do the whipped cream cuz it’s time to lose these hats I
see out front no you can’t you can’t take that off yet
oh not until you finish calm done that’s right hey guys can I just start by saying that
is a lot of love that goes into you’re telling me it takes a little extra love
to create something special but most importantly the proof is in how you
taste it hope you have a big mouth yummy YUM there is an intense flavor to that
stock Chuck can you describe of this thing alright to me I’m like in heaven
very impressed this is Killa good but now time to move on to dessert real
fresh banana creamy butter fat shake mix oh yeah
I can totally see now why the banana milkshake is a Beverly tradition guys if
you know any other great old-school driving places we need to check out let
us know unusual places always use the hashtag CB chats unless you got one of
these then use the hashtag CB hats