this whole episode Brittany and I have
been at war so I called her up and said we need to meet on neutral territory
anything we can all agree on classes chicago-style dog so I need to thank
David for choosing Max’s take out your check right here in the loop Maxis has
been here longer than any other hot dog place in the loop so I think this is a
perfect opportunity to have one last competition versus my Northside friend
Brittany by making the ultimate chicago-style dog whoever has the best
win I want you to be the judge of that so how will you be grading us first
thing you have to have the Vienna beef hot dog matter of fact we’re on the
Vienna beef Hall of Fame and then what we do is we put mustard from top to
bottom a relish top to bottom onion top to bottom tomatoes and a side of the
button peppers on the flat side of the bun and pickles right in the center this
way when you’re taking a bite you’re getting all the ingredients I’m gonna
get in the kitchen I’m gonna limber up get ready for battle
okay I’ll wait for Brittany to get here all right guys make space for me I’m
going to war the master taught to pharmacy on you
talked about mr. radish dr. sonner mister we do it I’m just uh I’m here to
kick your butt you ready to get schooled let’s do it where the hot dogs now she’s
so got this how about those white socks huh she’s turning into a big truck thank
you my friends do you have an unfair advantage because you got the
explanation I didn’t get X just practice Brett just practice I got this I think
he messed up what did she say nothing keep going going I’m keep on going this
is a damn work of art right here now this is where it’s at people Souths
artists get on Facebook right now you told me that I’m the real thing your
side tweet me out babies love it I represent before we hear from Max which
hotdog looks better we want to hear which one looks better from the people
mine or his yours first looks better he is a little soft
if I eat this would it be cannibalism mm-hmm
I think i’ma go there’s the lactic just won a nice bite right here and I’m again
oh look which one would you rather eat oh because his pickle is bigger that’s
right that’s not the first time I’ve heard that that’ll be a CMU public
opinion be damned it’s time for our expert to weigh in who is the winner
oh my god you guys are tough but there’s only one when what does the winner get
when I win that’s easy when I win Brett mm-hmm I get this well get ready to hand
that over to me because I think max knows who’s the winner here you guys did
an awesome awesome job mm-hmm the thing is the relish supposed to go first and
then DN relish first which was done by me though still tastes good no matter
which side you’re from north or south we all agreed that you gotta have as
Chicago style hot dog it’s what makes the city great right United clink app
gonna shove it now jelly right right no I am taking this you gonna share them
with me just three