(whooshing sound effect) (upbeat rock music) – Today’s our kid
at heart episode, and nothing takes me
back more than a nice, gooey grilled cheese
on grandma’s table. (crunching) Today, we’re in Woodlawn
at Robust Coffee Lounge, where they’re taking
grandma’s grilled cheese and kicking it up a notch. Let’s check it out. (cheerful acoustic music) So, I actually grew up
not too far from here. This neighborhood definitely
reminds me of my childhood. I went to church
a few blocks away. What brought you to
this neighborhood? – Well, in 2008 when the
financial markets crashed, I was looking for
a job, and the area definitely was a bit
of a food desert, and we opened up with a
lot of different food items that were kind of typical
for a coffee shop, but people kept asking for more. – The food here is
just so inspired. – The food is awesome (laughs). – The sandwiches,
their coffee is great. – When we have meetings
during the week, we’ll grab our sandwiches here, and everyone raves about it. – To eat it is actually like
part of the negotiation. If I do my work, I
can have lunch here. (upbeat acoustic music) – So, grilled cheese are one
of those great comfort foods, but you guys are kind of
putting like an adult spin on it a little bit. Can you tell me how you
guys thought of this? – I’m gonna tell you
as much as I can, because it is my grandmother,
we call her Bubby, my Bubby’s recipe
for the actual sauce that goes on to the brisket. If I told you everything,
she would fly back from Boca and smack me. (slapping sound effect) – [Lauren] I cannot
wait to try it! Am I gonna be cooking with you? – Absolutely. I can’t wait for you to try it. – Alright, well, we
can head on back there. – Excellent, let’s go. (upbeat acoustic music) – So, we’re in the
kitchen now with Jake. He’s gonna show me
his Bubby’s recipe. I’m really excited. I hope we make her proud so she doesn’t come
up from Florida. (slapping sound effect) – [Jake] What we’re
gonna start with salt, kosher salt into the– – [Lauren] All of this? – [Jake] All of it. – Alright, Bubby. – Bubby knows! – She knows! She says we need all this
salt, we need all this salt. – Absolutely. And Bubby talks in third
person in real life, so Bubby would tell
you, “Bubby knows.” – [Lauren] Bubby says
that we should load up on white pepper, brown sugar,
paprika, and black pepper, and give our brisket a rub down. – Just massage it. – Massage it, okay. Got ya. Just a nice massage.
I went in there a
little rough (laughing). – Alright, so now we’re
gonna add the wet ingredients. We are going to
start with honey, and we’re gonna add one of
Bubby’s secret ingredients that I hope I don’t get in
trouble for sharing today, which is grape jelly,
and now we’re gonna add our homemade barbecue sauce. Now we’ll just sit and
have coffee for six hours while this cooks. – I love caffeine, but I don’t
know about six hours worth. You got something we can
get started right now? – I think we can provide. I think we can. – Bubby would be proud. (cheerful acoustic music) Robust’s brisket
grilled cheese starts with thick cut challah,
muenster cheese, shredded cheddar, and of
course, Bubby’s famous brisket. It’s not a grilled cheese
unless you grill it, so we’re going to let
you finish that up and we’re gonna
meet you out there. – Sounds good. Let’s get going. (cheerful acoustic music) – Okay, Jake, these look
absolutely incredible, but before we dig in,
Karla on our app tells us that she comes
here for breakfast, but she always stays for
lunch, and lucky for me, it’s lunch time right now. – [Jake] You ready to dig in? – I’m ready to dig in! Thanks, Bubby! (cheerful acoustic music) Mm! I have to close my eyes. – So good! – The brisket is
perfectly seasoned. I absolutely love it. It’s so cheesy! Man, I am telling you. This is everything that
you want out of a classic, childhood grilled cheese,
but so much better. – [Jake] That’s what you get when a 35 year old child
is running a restaurant! – [Lauren] And Bubby! – And Bubby, of course. You know, don’t
ever forget Bubby. She’s looming over us. (ethereal choir sings) (rewinding film sound effect) – [Producer]
She’s not dead, is she? – No, not at all. (Lauren laughs) (cheerful acoustic music) (whooshing sound effect) (upbeat rock music)