when I think of spice I think the flavor
of the islands and Christian on Facebook said that the spicy food is that jerk in
River West Christian blessings my all right so tell me about jerk how did this
come about here in Chicago so I grew up in Jamaica from the time that I was
about 1 years old so high school as I got older I started to make jerk
chicken that missed home and the rest is history to me it’s all about
authenticity almost like it brings me back to the island very authentic
problem Jamaica makes me think of Bob Marley and just like really to make it
fit and just is perfect for this episode we’re all about spicy why is jerk
Chicago’s best you know in Jamaica we like things hot so I do try to keep it
very authentic think it’s extremely flavorful I think there’s a lot of
different spices spices different textures and pace your tasting about
five different spices kind of competing for your attention and it just kind of
makes your mouth water most people don’t realize that I spent a lot of time in
Jamaica growing up this is food that I was raised on love that I am very
excited let’s do it let’s learn today man I love it it’s coming out it’s do it jion and I start with the basis of any
great jerk the marinade this is a lot of stuff absolutely freshest ingredients
grab our spices the thyme salt – cinnamon nutmeg and then the black
pepper brown sugar and then the magic of allspice and so this here is our secret
liquid next up garlic a couple whole thing a garlic yeah so spots next up oh
hello gosh got it this is the heat a lot this is the heat right here while I
blend Dion add scallion and it’s time to prep the chicken
in some instances they say that jerk actually is the motion of stabbing the
chicken to get the seasoning to penetrate the meat perfect once I’ve
gotten some of my aggression out I smothered the chicken and our Rudeboy
marinade and give it a rub down with beyond secret jerk rub
next up these are actually going to go into the smoker so you’ve got some that
are oh yeah I’m Steve Bravo you’re in the camera blooper reel all right
while Angie gets her shot and our chicken head for the smoker I’m going to
find out what people love about the spice I just love that it’s like super
spicy but not to the point where I’m like I’m gonna bet that spicy kind of
opens up your taste cleared your sinuses only and you know you only nyquil if
after jerk sauce have some ginger beer you’re good to go when you have good
jerk chicken it kind of feels good to be alive are you ready I’m ready I’m ready
I’ve been waiting for this so excited to eat let’s do this let’s do it Wow
looks great about Gurkha jet heat I mean it’s spiced you can feel it on a tongue
but it’s not overpowering you can keep going back there good to go
it clears the senses I mean it leaves that burn on the tongue but it’s a good
burn this is delicious thank you and we’re going to make this a real party
what better way to curb some of the heat of the jerk to keep them with your
homemade rum punch yes yes bless up