it’s our sports bars episode and work
crawls now the original is in Wisconsin but we weren’t traveling that far north
so it looks like we’re going to have to cheer on the Badgers right here in the
south tell me about curls how long do you guys
then here in the southwest always been here in the South loops for 11 years now
but we’re originally out of Wisconsin my great-grandparents originally started
the restaurant in the 1930 our other locations directly trusted to Lambeau
Field in Green Bay so why come to Chicago after I graduated from UW and it
was down in South loose and thought this would be a great place for us to open
all the restaurant you brought a little piece of Wisconsin right here to Chicago here to watch the Badgers close has been
a badger bar for a number of years you know the games on top all the time
big games big moment no that is just chat on facebook said we had to come the
crows mm-hmm butter burger beer and badges but let’s talk about the butter
burgers is this a traditional Wisconsin thing yes everybody talks about our
butter burger been around for a long time and down here we one thing we
wanted to make sure that we could do is continue the tradition from up there
so you bring everything in for this burger from Wisconsin correct I got to
get in the kitchen and start cooking because the game is going to be on soon
I’ll take you to the back o introduce you to Charlie who’s been here with us
since we’ve opened so quick area Charlie you’ve been here since the beginning so
I’m guessing you’ve done quite a few butter burgers a few yeah yeah we’re
going to go ahead and try to use our 8 ounce long put it right in the middle
right in and just push it all the form level it it over here it only continues
we’ve got our patties let’s grill this is a live charcoal real live charcoal
grill yet I’ve made a lot of restaurants I don’t see this the only way you’re
going to get that original home look at that that’s a big burger it’s just right
not too big not too small right while those grills let’s toast our buns
hot cross buns – dear and probe news escrow this is
where they become butter burgers right now for a big ol burger how many high
per quarter or honey yes – underneath – on 5 lips literally just straight-up
butter by the real butter salted or unsalted on cold unsalted butter
ketchup onions and pickles to top this buttery burger and it’s time direct we
got our burgers done but maybe with me up says those cheese curd or cheese
sounds good thank you my man mutter burger here is number 1
oh yes tremendous butter makes everything better buttery very buttery
the motor in it really good not really helping my waistline but it’s all good we’ve got our butter burgers our beer
and the Badgers and you even threw in the little extra with the future
definitely let’s unwrap all right yeah it is going to get a little messy that is good so juicy I have butter just
dripping I don’t want places ooh a butter burger
I guess it’s almost constant thing and we’ve been doing it for over 80 years
now this is delicious and don’t create t-shirts all right gotta pop those came
to me giving me a delicious burger and then cheese curds on top of it nothing
like a fries you serve why is curled Chicago cents we have been
upholding our Wisconsin tradition for 80 years and we’ve got badger games we do
everything we can to try and bring a little bit of that home down here
everything is delicious so we can go make it better the Badgers win tonight
go veg a badger you’ve always been Chicago’s best is
sponsored by the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica