all episode long the jeep compass is
pointing us east to west on Madison master Street right off Madison I know
we’re near the Jewelry District around here we got Millennium Park all have to
do is hop on the bus and I’m at the United Center and thanks to Xian all
right we’re here Rudy’s furburger seems not the perfect place to stop all right
Chris we wanted to start our episode off with a bang something explosive to show
everyone what they’re missing on Madison and we understand you have some kind of
ridiculous unhuman like challenge we have what’s called the challenger burger
five pounds it’s almost a little bit of a deconstructed huge burger you have to
finish the entire thing but I’ve never done it I’d have to be pretty crazy I
think to give it a shot I don’t know if I can handle that honestly man if you
finish it in 30 minutes you’re going to get to sign the wall we’re going to give
you a t-shirt and $100 gift card here’s the thing these guys have watched me
take on and fail I’m waiving the bacon stick of surrender yeah wave the flag
they do not need to see me do that again I’m thinking maybe I can call up a
couple of friends of the show and have them come and take that on whereas you
and I could just enjoy one of your tasty burgers I would prefer that I wouldn’t
even try it myself and looking at you you don’t have a chance normally we get
in the kitchen for these challenges and I start my pants because I realized what
I’m going to undertake but I’m very relaxed today
hey you just have to make it you don’t have to eat it our mammoth five-pound
challenger starts with a base of pretzel bread
waffle fries and homemade chili now this is what we call the heat this is where
you bring this some red sauce the Chicago classic jarred and air and also
some spicy Italian sausage in there now we’re going to spread some shredded
cheddar cheese on there why not cheese is melty we add three huge burger
patties and top with yet more cheese three strips of bacon and a fried egg
alright and just for fun let’s see where you came in on the scale better your
mind a skillet on its own weight seven pounds right look at that
we’re buying pound why do you know if it’s not a couple burgers and I’m going
to try and carry this up I’m just gonna run real quick taking on the Challenger
today it’s friend of the show and a man who once ate an entire turkey in eight
minutes that deep dish that’s a lady I don’t know about break the record today
but we’ll try just for you guys and with Pat it’s fan of the show and the woman
described at the pickiest eater at the bar
Madeline Morales very delicious a lot will wet part of modeling get at
it and as for me I’ve got a burger roof smaller proportions calling my name
hi Chris while those two try and take down the Challenger we get to enjoy the
food the way should be done this is our signature burger green pepper garlic and
onion all sauteed mixed in with the patty gives it a great flavor oh man
that’s a juicy blending isn’t that nice that’s beautiful there’s something to be
said for simplicity every once in a while while those guys continue with
your challenge Wow why do you tell me why you here Rudy the college best we’re
right by Millenium Park but at the same time we’re for the locals this is just a
quintessential Chicago bar and if people are crazy enough they can come in and
take on that challenge if they’re crazy enough so going to which Cheers you guys
go and watch those guys the animals we’re civilized oh my gosh congratulate
four minutes ten seconds