(funky beat) The 2019 Jeep Wrangler and I
have an awful lot in common this morning. We’re both on cruise control, until we get some
fuel in our belly. – Give me all the bacon
and eggs you have. – Well it’s a good thing we’re
at Meli Cafe in Greektown, where I hear their
portions are huge! And, you can’t spell
Meli without “Me.” Well and “Li,” but I honestly,
I have no idea who Li is. Breakfast, the most
important meal of the day. Discuss. – [Angelo] When you wake up,
the first thing you wanna think is, you wanna get some
food, you wanna get some energy for the day. So that’s why we
feel that breakfast is the most important
thing here at Meli Cafe. It’s our food, our
atmosphere, our staff here. (phone ringing) – Hello Meli Cafe,
Elliott speaking. How can I help? Hello, Yani, you want
to speak to Yani? Let me put you on hold,
one second please. This is the hold music. You are on hold. You can’t do a Chicago’s
Best Breakfast show without a killer steak and eggs. – [Angelo] Yeah, and for
breakfast that is a staple. – They buy the
good quality steak. – Like a hearty, full plate. – It’s always cooked to
perfection, seasoned great. – I’m a Greek, so I love
the idea of oregano on it, and a little lemon
squeezed on it. – I need to go and
make this food. Otherwise, I’m gonna be
answering calls for people who’ve got overdue
dates on their accounts. – Yeah, and customer
service-wise, eh, we’ll see how you
are in the kitchen. – [Elliott] How did you
like my hold music, though? – I would give it
probably a nine. – Okay. – I’ll have to hear a little
bit more music later on. (phone ringing) (Elliott singing) (rock music) – [Elliott] So this is Chef
Juan, and he is the man in charge of everyone’s
breakfast here in Meli Cafe. – [Chef Juan] Thank you. – [Elliott] Like most
Executives, do you have a private bathroom
and a helicopter? – Yeah. (crickets chirping) – Yep, okay, he’s got
his own helicopter. Skirt steak, hormone-free. – And I wanna show
you how to marinate, Greek style. Start with the olive oil. – [Elliott] With lemon juice. – [Chef Juan] Put a
little bit of garlic, – This is where our
Greek flavors come in. – Yeah. – The lemon and the
oregano together. – [Chef Juan] Then, you wanna
put some fresh ground pepper. – Ah, I’ve always wanted to
be a, I love when you go to restaurants and the
server’s like… – Fresh pepper? – There you go, there you go. – Say when. – [Chef Juan] That’s
it, that’s enough. – Gratzi. – I need a holster for
this, how bout that? – There you go, there you go. – You want some
pepper with that? Just walking down
the street, everyone. You want some pepper with that? – You want some pepper, right? – You’ll get a little
shot of my hand twitching. Pow! – There you go, there you go. – I’ve had a lot of
coffee this morning. (edgy rock music) Whoo! I may crash at some point but
right now, holy (censored), my heart is racing, yeah! – [Chef Juan] Little
whisk, little whisk. Then after that, we
just let them sit for… – Two days? – Two days. – We got two-day old
marinated steak ready to go? – 48 hours. – Okay, because we need
to go and make this food. All right, after you, your way. Putting this back in my holster. – Let’s go, come over here. – Your move, punk. – [Harry Callahan] Make my day. – That steak is marinated to
hell, but we can’t start here. We have to start with
our hash browns, right? – [Chef Juan] So this
is clarified butter. – Nice big handful? – [Chef Juan] Yeah, exactly. – [Elliott] That’s enough, chef? – [Chef Juan] It’s enough. In the meantime, we’re
gonna cook the steak. – Yeah, we do. One more flip? – [Chef Juan] Yeah. – [Elliott] Notice there
is one thing missing from our steak and eggs. – The eggs! – [Elliott] Oh I got
a double yolker! – Yeah it’s a lucky day. – Double yolk! Really left to do is
just the plate up, right? – All right, yep. – You can take care of
that as the executive? – Yeah, that’s it, I can do it. – Besides which, I
hear the phone ringing. Hello, Meli Cafe, what’s
your favorite color? Hello, Meli Cafe,
what’re you wearing? Yo, you ready for breakfast? Wazzah? Finally, food is here. – Let’s see what
you cooked here, a perfect medium rare. – The right amount of pink,
the right amount of charring. – That skirt steak
keeps that flavor in, and again, marinating
it for those two days, it gives it that extra flavor. And that’s what the thing is, it’s definitely
Chicago’s best deal. Along with being Greek, that
just gives it that extra flair. – It’s a classic breakfast
dish, served on a classic street, in a classic
neighborhood in Chicago. Three locations,
but you guys are still family owned and operated. – Yes, we are. My father-in-law
and his partner, Yani, started this off. – We’ll always be
friends with Meli Cafe. They’ll always like our stuff,
we’ll always like theirs. But now, we have something
we can all agree on and unify ourselves over, breakfast. I didn’t know where I
was going with that. I’m just waiting for
the phone to ring. (phone ringing)