Hey guys! It’s Karina and Ronald from.. Sis vs.bro! And tomorrow we’re gonna be going to Thailand! Because of that, today we have to drop off Chibi at a five-star cat hotel! Woo woo woo! So Chibi already went there when we went to Dubai and I think she loves it! She was like “Uh-uh “You ain’t taking me back. I’m staying here. It’s my new house. Mm-hmm.” And that place is really cool because they had like full-on cat houses Like I can’t, a cat house inside the hotel. It’s insane. And if you guys are interested, we will link the place down below in the description. So let’s get Chibi into a little cage and to the cat hotel. Chibi, where are yoou? Where are you, Chibi? Where’s Chibi? Oh, and that’s my birthday balloon. My unicorn birthday balloon. Chibi? Is she already in there? Nope. Chibi? Nope. Chibi! Where’s Chibi? Where’s Chibi? She’s not here. Where’s Chibi? Chibi? Maybe she went upstairs. Chibi! Chibi! Where are yoou? Chibi, where are you? Chibi in my room? She loves my room. I found her! Where? Of course she is on the bed. Chibi! Chibi, do you wanna go to the cat hotel? Wanna go to the cat hotel? She’s like “No, no, no, no.” Ronald, can you hold the camera for me? I’m gonna carry Chibi. Chibi, Chibi, Chibi, sweeby. (Ronald repeatedly saying Chibi) Chibi, Chibi! (Ronald still saying Chibi) You got her in so easily. I know. There we go! Okay, locked. Yeah? Okay. Chibi. We carriaged you so well, you’re never gonna get out. She’s like, “I’m gonna get out just one day. Just one day.” All right now, Chibi. Are you ready to go to the cat hotel? Are you? We’re also gonna bring her favorite food. We got some… cat food she really likes and.. a lot of this, which is disgusting, but she loves it. Like a lot of it as you can see. Maybe even too much of it. She’s gonna be eating for days. All right, so that’s our food, that’s Chibi and those are our shoes. So let’s go look Let’s get our shoes on to my feet and out of the house! Aww, Chibi’s crying. Don’t worry, you’re gonna be jumping everywhere when we get to the cat hotel. All right, Chibi, you’re coming with me. Let’s go. So guys, we’re on the way to Chibi’s cat hotel. I think she’s really excited. She really likes that place I think. Just look at her. Chibi has so much room! I know she has like, a dance party in there. Chibi, are you ready to go to a five-star cat hotel? So we’re here. Chibi, are you excited? You excited, Chibi? So this is Chibi’s house. Look at it. “Welcome, Chibi!” What are you doing? How’d you get over there? How did you get over there? “With my magic skills.” Get in there over here. How do you get in there? Chibi, you were here just a second ago and now you’re over there. Because there’s a hole under and then you go out. So guys, Chibi is gonna be staying in this house for a day and then she’s gonna be let out with all these other cats. Look at that guy. So fluffy. Fluffy! And we got this house over here. Oh, hello there! You look so fluffy. You look really big. I think you’re gonna eat Chibi. So his name is Oscar and I think Chibi is his lunch and we have another cat over here. She’s called Alla. Don’t eat me, please. So this is Chibi’s little house. So she’s gonna stay in here for a day and Chibi’s already inside. Hey, Chibi! She is a smallest one here. I know all the other cats were so big and they send us pictures. Of every single day like, how is the cat doing. And.. Chibi is in love with this chair. This is her like, throne. It says “princess” on it and (Ronald) “My princess”. I don’t know. This is probably a reason why she never wants to go. This is spicy and it’s like perfect and it’s like yeah, perfect. This room is all for cats and look at this little bed. This isn’t even better than our Chibi’s mansion home. Maybe.. We should take it with us and she won’t ever want to leave our house. You guys look at all the flowers – they look so pretty. They’re all fake But they’re still pretty and there’s other cats here already. Hello. You look really big. I think you already ate Chibi. Are you sure he already ate Chibi? Hello, Chibi. Are you having fun? Are you having fun, Chibi? (no, help me) So inside the little house, she has her own cat bed, her cat, uh.. tower. She got food bowls and stuff and she has her own trash can. Not like she’s gonna use her own trash can but okay. And right here is a little putty. Where she does things. And she even has a trash bin. Yeah, I don’t think she’s ever gonna use it. Bye, Chibi! See you in two weeks. Goodbye, I don’t think she’s gonna miss us. Mm-hmm. So guys, we just dropped off Chibi at the cat hotel. We’re already missing her. I hope she’s gonna be okay. Yeah, and guys we’re gonna be recording how she reacts when we come back and pick her up So stay tuned for that. And, so guys. We hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button! And, we’ll see you all next time. Good… Bye!!