Best culinary institute California west
los angeles i went to the prestigious top culinary institute of California in Hyde
Park New York graduated with honors in 1996 since 2003 I’ve been teaching
people of all skill levels to become a better cooking school i have over 30 recreational
classes here at the classroom they’re about two and a half hours long and the
cover a myriad of subjects the art of sushi making candy making cupcake making
i also have international best culinary schools indian cuisine latin american food
Japanese food you name it any kind of classic you’re
looking for i have it here at the classroom in addition to teaching at the
classroom I also judge competitions I also make TV appearances I’ve been in
various TV shows as a chef all through my cooking classes California schooling and all my training in
europe i really just knew I wanted to be around food so I started to do some
catering then I fell into the teaching that this is really what i want to do is
what i really enjoy for those true beginners my 4 week basic series is the
class for them it is really wonderful students walk away with a newfound
confidence along with 20 wonderful menus that will become their family favorites
for years to come my healthy cooking series is tremendous
for those students that are looking to cut down on fat and salt intake in their
diets we introduce leafy greens flavorful herbs whole grains and by the
end of this series students are producing tremendous meals that are
really healthy for them my vegan vegetarian series is tremendous for
those students are looking to create flavorful healthy meals without the use
of animal based products of all my cooking classes the most popular would without a
doubt have to be my couples only cooking class really great alternative to dinner
in a movie i also have a very popular beer and food pairing class along with
the wine and food pairing class both of these best cooking classes school involved five to six
different courses with a wonderful selection of beers or wines to choose
from also be really wonderful team building events to corporations law
firms big companies small companies that come on in and have a really great
team-building experience the people that come into the classroom are from all
walks of life they’re really individuals that have a
desire to learn and want to become better cooks either
at home or even perhaps get into the culinary institute California, for them I’ve designed an 18-week MasterChef
program this is condensed from what I was taught at the culinary institute California, of
America what my students wind up walking away with is a certificate that’s
recognized by chefs here in Los Angeles and around the world I have a lot of students that have come
through here and they’ve gone on to open up their own businesses i have some
better working in France I have some that are working in Texas and here in
really wonderful high-end restaurants in Los Angeles i have many more tips and
videos on my website culinary classroom com feel free to browse through and get
more details on my classes and I look forward to cooking with you soon culinary institute California,