imagine you’re at the front desk of a
hotel how do you check in konnichiwa T so this this is here checking in at the
hotel in Japanese is easy in this lesson you learn how mark just alive at his
hotel let’s watch you – i’ma say konnichiwa
checking gonna yzma’s market a Godot des picados AMA una mano Cesario onigashima
z– t EI g g a our tea arigato gozaimasu
hi cacao sama des neige katana Ohia no corrida gozaimasu hotel uni beta re
Moscow yay demo tonari ni con vinny aramis sora
kara hey Annie sample toe condition ah WA re masca hi además arigato
ah sorry Korra still animo mingori onegaishimasu
Kass Kumari musta jo sukh you on Angie Cara deskah Iike dying in guruma de la
Cucaracha Hamada Dakota Amos now the lesson focus here’s how to check in at
the hotel ready do you remember how mark told the hotel
clerk that he wanted to check in to clean rolling eyes must first is the
word for check-in take cooing check cool II take good in next is the object
marking particle Oh after this is the word for please
onegaishimasu together it’s checked leo onegai shima check in please do you
remember how to say passport please passport all on a nice TMS these two
expressions are very similar the only difference is the object marking
particle O which follows the word for check-in but not the word for passport
actually you can use either expression with or without the object marking
particle so this sentence structure which you can use to ask for something
or to ask someone to do something for you is something you want + o
onegaishimasu or something you want plus Omega CMS now you try ask your favorite
singer for his autograph sign son on enoshima’s your autograph please
now ask a waiter to take an order all that for you Oh da onegai shima order
please do you remember in the scene how mark
requested a wake-up call mone in goo code he used a sentence
structure that is almost identical to the one for checking in student morning
the core rolling eyes mus the latter part of the sentence meaning a wake-up
call please is Maloney no koto onegaishimasu and uses the same pattern
as asking for a check in the phrase added at the beginning means at 7
o’clock steezy knee first is a phrase meaning 7
o’clock tt after it is a particle marking time me it’s equivalent to act
in English together the phrase meaning at 7 o’clock is steeped in placed at the
beginning of the sentence it’s steeped in e Malinga core duo on again CMS a
wake-up call at 7 o’clock please now you try
say a wake-up call at 6 o’clock please no Cugini mone Ingo Gordo on against
mass do you remember how mark asked the hotel clerk if there was a shop in the
hotel hotel nearby tamari Mosca first is the word for hotel hope they do next is
a place marking particle which is equivalent to in or act in English me
after that is the word for shop bye dang ba ba bye dang neck
is the topic marking particle what after this is the word for to be or to exist
además ah be ma su re mas last is the question marking particle huh
together it’s hot attorney by penguia edema Scott literally as for a shop does
it exist in the hotel more naturally this would be is there a shop in the
hotel the sentence structure is place meet something la re masca is there
something in or at place it’s important to note that the something here must be
an inanimate object like a chair shop or tire because you can only use a TMS with
inanimate objects for people animals and other animate things you’ll need to use
another word now you try you want to ask if there’s a gym in the
hotel gym in Japanese is Tim mu D mu gym ask if there’s a gym in the hotel Hotel
Ronny Geneva re masca now you want to know if there’s a television in the room
television is good a be pet be today be ask if there is a television in the room hey Annie
today Baba re mascot do you remember how mark asked what time breakfast is from
Joe soku Annunziata visca first a non question version of the sentence
breakfast is from six o’clock is tosho-gu wa rokuji Carrodus it starts
with the word for breakfast chole Shoku so ooh Shoku tosho-gu next is the topic
marking particle well after this is a phrase for six o’clock no coochie next
is a word for from cada last is the linking verb in this case is
this as for breakfast it’s from six o’clock naturally breakfast is from six
o’clock chole shockula low coochie Carrodus be careful because the word
order is different in English from six o’clock would be no cootchie cut up in a
word-for-word translation it would be six o’clock from here’s the phrase for
from seven o’clock steezy cara now here’s a phrase meaning
from what time Nanji cara na ji ha na nan Jie cara so how do you ask from what
time is breakfast chole Shoku WA nan Chi Cara deskah just replace six o’clock no
coochie with the phrase meaning what time nan Jie and add a question marking
particle at the end together it’s tosho-gu wa nan Jie caranesca what
time is breakfast from or what time does breakfast start the sentence structure
is something what nan Jie Cara this cup what time is something from now you try
ask what time check-in is from take i’ma Nanji Cara deskah what time is
check-in from now you want to ask what time a certain movie starts movie is I
got it II got a got asked what time is this movie from Kanagawa Nanji cara
deskah what time is this movie from how did the hotel clerk answer when Mark
asked him what time breakfast was a guy dying in guruma de la Cucaracha Hamada
dichotomous usually breakfast is available for a few hours so the hotel
clerk answered with the time frame that breakfast is available how did he
explain this timeframe it’s from 6 o’clock to 7:30
Noguchi Cara Gigi Hamada de gozaimasu here’s a phrase meaning from 6 o’clock
no kuzey cut up and here’s a phrase for – 7:30
steezy hamid it again be careful about the word order a word-for-word
translation of GG hamid it would be 732 together
the phrase is local it’s acara sthiti hum midi from 6 o’clock to 7:30 so the
phrase structure for time duration is time a cut up time be muddy from A to B
now you try how do you say from 3 o’clock to 5
o’clock Sanji cara Kojima day now how do you say
from what time to what time now Chikara Nanji midi now ask from what
time to what time breakfast is chole shockula Nanji cara Nanji medidas cup like this break listen watch the full
version at to understand the whole dialogue while
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