– Are you looking for
the best Pi Day deals, two thousand eighteen? I have your pizza price
drops coming right up. (cheerful intro music) Happy Pi Day! Three decimal one four
March 14th, Pi equals… pizza! It also equals great savings and another awesome opportunity
for us to be together. Hi! I’m the Youtube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. If you’re used to my
regular tech unboxings and the lifestyle savings
and all those freebies and giveaways that you
usually see right here, you’re not gonna see that today! It’s just about pizza. More importantly, just wanted to make sure you
knew with this email update and if you have your
notifications turned on, you are receiving this
on March 14th, 2018, Wednesday, Einstein’s birthday, my wife’s birthday, and Pi Day. So located right under this video screen, if you expand the video description box, you’re gonna see some
great pizza and Pi-related deal drops and then a
few other bonus deals that I’ve tossed in. Get it? Tossed? Tossed a pizza! Nope? Okay. Here we go! First deal, right out of the gate: $3.14 on all large bakery
pies are the savings you will see at Whole Foods. Pizza Hut you get three
medium one-topping pizzas for five dollars, each. At Papa Murphy’s on March 14th, a large thin-crust one-topping pizza $3.14 at participating locations. Papa John’s 25% off your
regular menu-priced order. If you are near a Boston Market, you’ve got a Pi Day coupon there for one free rotisserie chicken pot pie with the purchase of
another pot pie and drink. Blaze Pizza if there’s
a location near you, you can score any pizza
for $3.14 on Pi Day and that is just some of what you’ll see. There are tech savings,
lifestyle deal drops, and other retailers that
just capitalize on this whole Pi Day trend to
intercept your web traffic. That’s right, stores
will create Pi Day deals so anyone searching Pi tied to
the mathematical celebration which has nothing to do with pizza or those actually looking for pizza deals end up on websites. It’s a trick. Well, they might not win, but you will today just
for watching this video. Right now, I am giving away- And now, I’m giving away instead of a laptop or
Nintendo Switch or a TV, many of the other items I’ve given away, I’m giving away a free pizza. That’s right! Now one lucky subscriber has his or her choice of a free pizza. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection to find a lucky pizza Pi Day winner, congratulations goes to- Congratulations goes to Jania Shaw. You love North Face. Well, good news for you: You’re getting a free pizza! Yes! And you can get any pizza
you want today courtesy of me as long as it doesn’t
cost more than $3.14. You also need to send a photo
of you consuming the pizza and a full letter explaining
why you are happy you have won so I can publish it and show everyone that our giveaways are great. Just joking, don’t worry. I’ll actually get you a full pizza but you can do the other stuff, too. Go you! Okay, awesome! Wanna thank everyone for watching. If you wanna score more
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