this is cathode the owner of kuvira home state she is wearing the typical Balinese clothes for ceremony and she’s ready for the morning offering ritual so if you ever come to Bali you will see this little offerings all around the floor at the entrance of the houses or shops or restaurants are the temples they are everywhere I think Balinese culture is really special and I love the dedication and passion they put into it [Music] okay so let me tell you about this homestay called chimera bungalows if you search in for hotels in ubud the cultural center of Valley this is a one that normally comes first as the cheapest hotel and it’s actually six euros per night I think this price is crazy cheap for what you get so I’m here to give you a quick tour around this homestay our room was upstairs but they also have a couple downstairs you get this cute little balcony with a sofa and a table and it’s really nice to have these little outer space in total there is nine rooms and each of them is a bit different but my favorite is the one that we stayed in because it has the so far the balcony also this homestay is right on the center of over just two minutes away from the main road and being here you feel like out of the house and now I’m gonna show you the room I think you can fit four people on it so if you come with friends or kids you can split the six euro per night and it’s like nothing as you can see it’s quite basic and simple but it has all you need so you get two double beds one bigger than the other and they are pretty comfy I have to say you also get free Wi-Fi that not all the home states include that service and now I’m going to show you the bathroom as you can see it’s also quite basic you have the toilet shower with hot water sometimes and the sink I know it’s not luxury at all but you know for six euros I really think it’s pretty good and you get everything you need and yep that’s it one thing you might be surprised is that this place also includes breakfast so you get coffee or tea every morning a seasonal fruit plate and you can choose any other thing from the menu I think this place it’s amazing this price is really worth it for what you get the room is basic but nice and the breakfast is good I really recommend this homestay and I have to say the thing I like most is the family that owns it seriously they are the cutest one thing you might like to know when I came to Valley for the first time on my own I booked just four nights here and I ended up staying with his family for almost a month so that says a lot I hope you enjoy this short video let me know in the comments what you think and don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel I will see you in the next one bye [Music]