An old man at the Ayutthaya train station told me to catch this vehicle.. and I blindly followed him.. but this was going somewhere else, not towards the old city of Ayutthaya I am just fed up of the stairs in Thailand. Everywhere I have to climb them. Can you see that cycle/bike? You can hire a cycle for 50 baht for a day I recommend for doing a cycle tour in Ayutthaya Basically, Ayutthaya is a historical city and the ancient capital of Thailand (Siam) Though few tourists at the station told me that the temples in Ayutthaya are not better than Cambodia’s Angkor Wat but that was their personal opinion However, I don’t want to miss it. Right now I am crossing a highway through an overbridge I must share this with you.. Highways in Thailand are just awesome Last time on my Cambodia trip, I used them while coming back to Bangkok from the Cambodia border I took a mini-van from the Koh-Kong border to Bangkok and the driver was driving continuously at a very high speed and the reason was… these super smooth highways Now I am going towards the old city of Ayutthaya This is the railway station I got down here from the train I had to cross a river to reach the old city Right now, I have reached to this point from the train station Accidentally, I took a wrong bus but somehow it also helped me Where is this bus going ? Ok.. lets concentrate on the map The red spots on this map are bike trails You can visit this place by riding a cycle for 50 baht a day This area is actually the ancient capital city of Thailand Lets see.. how can I reach this place! This is a bus stop I am going to take this highway.. I’ll cross the river and turn right to reach a market place I have got a ticket for 10 baht to the market Its been a while. I am waiting here and now I have got bored. I am trying to talk with this lady, but none of us is able to understand each others language NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND YOU WHATEVER YOU ARE SAYING… I CAN’T UNDERSTAND I’VE COME FROM INDIA NEW DELHI TAJMAHAL IS BEAUTIFUL Here comes my bus I am travelling in an air-conditioned mini-van in just 10 Baht I was talking about this river… while showing you the map I’ve reached my destination in this van The name mentioned on this hotel is ‘AYOTHYA’ Does it mean that there is some connection between this place and the Indian city of ‘Ayodhya’ ! I am sure, it has got some connection with India I am going to get some ‘Tourist information’ from the reception of this hotel Right now, I am sitting inside the lobby of a hotel Using its free wifi and charging points 😉 I entered inside to ask them about the ‘Tourist Information’ centre The lady at the reception was very helpful She guided me with all the information about local sightseeing in Ayutthaya Then I requested her for giving me the access to the hotel’s wifi She said… YES 😉 While sitting inside the hotel, I was searching for a cheap hotel on’s mobile app I also used google maps to find cheap hotels near me Now, while walking, I asked an owner of the ‘cycle-on-rent’ shop about a cheap place to stay for tonight The shop was something like that These people rent cycles to the tourists The owner suggested me to approach ‘Brickhouse’ and ‘Toto house’ Maybe you can get to stay even for 100 Baht there Let me go there and try Although the place looks quite happening.. touristy.. colorful Let me ask few more people. Maybe I can get even cheaper accommodation This is Brickhouse I’ll go inside and ask about the tariff I’ve got a private room in 150 Baht 150 Baht is 300 Indian rupees I am ok with this tariff…. Its quite cheap This is my bed Could have been better, if this had been a dormitory Could have got chance to make some new friends Dormitories/Hostels give opportunity to meet with other backpackers from around the world This hotel’s name is Toto House in Ayutthaya It took me 2 hours from Bangkok to reach here Travelled in an ordinary train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya Paid 15 baht for the journey in a 3rd class coach And now.. after struggling a lot.. i have finally reached this place Its quite hot… There is only 1 table fan inside 1 bulb and a small room these are my 2 hand bags.. This is a charging point I hope it works This is a shared washroom Shower washbasin In order to travel light, I just brought 2-3 pairs of clothes and now, as I have got a washroom I think i should go and wash the dirty clothes Not sure, when I’ll get this chance again I’ll hang the wet clothes inside the room.. hopefully they’ll get dried by tomorrow Its 6:45 pm and I now am going to take a bath after that, I’ll go outside and hang around, visit a supermarket to get something to eat and meet travellers accordingly, I’ll plan my tomorrow’s schedule.. Bye 🙂