This but, I just think you have to be an absolute freaking idiot if you disagree with me on this one there’s a lot of idiots that don’t like my content when I’m uploading in Western countries, but They’re idiots as well I’m is fair, and I’m as unbiased as possible I Discovered these hotels all around China which Are Chinese only? Only Chinese people allowed to go into these hotels, which I think is just disgusting. I think it’s disgraceful I wouldn’t think let me explain my My anger at this the fact that I’m angry at this isn’t necessarily. Let me just try to Evaluate myself a little bit more here the way that I feel so Outraged that there’s Chinese only hotels which means that a Foreigner isn’t allowed to go into these hotels like I went into one of these hotels that I was shooed out Michael was some sort of a dog or something or or a criminal or something it was disgraceful, but The fact that this happens it wouldn’t necessarily annoy me that much because you know I’ve seen a lot in my life, but The thing that really annoys me is that? Chinese people go to other countries and they complain about discrimination in other countries considering like America UK Australia Canada, they they complained that they’re not treated as well as they deserve to be treated it And I think that the more I think about that the more I really start to analyze that and try to really get to the core reasoning behind that it’s kind of the Chinese people think that they’re superior than any other people on earth and They feel that every other country needs to submit to them I really do feel that because for them to have a Chinese only hotel It is it’s the same as apartheid It’s the same as god damn back in America when America was a bad country where they had slavery And they wouldn’t allow our black people on buses or in certain shops White people black people weren’t allowed to be in the same area as each other It’s exactly the same as that for me to go into a hotel in China These hope there’s these hotels everywhere. It’s not like an uncommon thing these hotels are all over, China there They’re like a quarter of the price of any other hotel They’re small, but they’re small tiny little rooms, but look at this thing this this hotel’s small anyway There’s they’re actually a little bit smaller than this and you might have a shared bathroom You might have to go out and get some food whatever and only one person is allowed in the place That’s more. Probably like a single bed But that’s not the point You can’t go in the comments inside saying. Oh well you’re not gonna be able to stand it well I don’t give a shit I don’t care what you think if it’s cheap, and I don’t have anywhere else to stay I will stay in the theme for like $20 a night, or even less some some of these places extremely cheap but they’re only for Chinese and for Chinese people to go to other countries and say that they’re Discriminating against them they’re like I’m Chinese I’m being discriminated against it’s like fix up your own goddamn backyard this is just disgraceful and then and you look at some of the videos that I make in Australia where I’m Kind of exposing bad behavior. I haven’t been as direct as I’m being right now, but it’s just it is It’s just disgraceful Fix up your own house before you start complaining about other people’s houses. It’s just disgusting for people to behave like that I I was shooed out of this hotel. I just I was like wow Cheap hotel I want to go check it out, and I was just abused by the guy that runs the place And then I tried to get into another one and I was shooed out by the lady as well It was I did this quite a few times all around all around, China And I was treated like Disgraceful and they didn’t even give me the chance Now let me explain this they didn’t even give me they just looked at me and because I was white get out They didn’t even come over and try speaking to me in Chinese and trying to Discern whether I was a Chinese citizen? and I guess that’s where the next level in this type of discrimination comes in is that if you’re Chinese and you move to a Western country you can be there from that country so for instance if I see a Chinese person in Australia I don’t just look at the colour of their skin, and think are they could be some other country I’m like hey, and I assumed that they’re Australian first See you can be an American as well You can just they’ll walk around and they’ll be like oh hey going and they’ll just assume that you’re American first but as a Chinese you can’t be Chinese you can understand that you will never be Chinese if you’re Not of the the hand race The whore on or the hand race if you you don’t look Chinese you’re not Chinese That’s one thing that you need to understand. It’s a huge double standard And in my opinion, it’s just disgusting it is just disgraceful You gotta you gotta hear my disgust in my voice because it’s not the first time this type of shit has happened in China it happens all the time and I’m not the only one complaining about it There’s hundreds of youtubers out there now bitching about this right now And it deserves to be bitched about because China fix up your backyard before you start complaining about other people It’s just not right. It’s not right It’s like America back in the slavery days the way that the Chinese are behaving right now. It is just disgraceful I’m hearing of a lot. I’ve spoken to a lot of youtubers living in China right now They they are being abused in the street keep in mind these people are fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese I entered a Sports store and I wanted to buy some though some nice Nikes there No, they weren’t they weren’t exactly cheap, but they were cheaper than buying and in a western country And I asked about the shoes. I said hey look can I buy these shoes? He ignored me. He heard me and so I was like ah tikka tikka Arjun So I said tikka doors out chin Which is pretty much like oh how much of these Ignored me again, and so I actually I picked them up, and he kept moving around so I walked over. I was like like this he said deal they So deal a is Cantonese it’s not Mandarin so he might not have understood what the doors are Jen means but Do leh means fuck you He didn’t say he didn’t say dule laowhy He didn’t say anything like that or Or anything that offensive – for me to discern that was clearly racism But in my opinion, if someone’s buying something from me you got a store there You’re there to sell things And if you refuse to sell it to someone like me who’s just in there and being polite and just asking for something the only thing that he could discern from me was the colour of my goddamn skin that was racism as well I went into a shop and I was waiting in the line, and I get to the front of the line Get to the front of the queue. It’s like these they have like their own versions of little shopping centers I get to the front of the queue. I’ve been waiting a long time, so it’s busy in China right I Gets the front of the line there’s a basket Like I’m just about to put my my food on the counter in front of the the checkout chick and out of nowhere this basket just BAM right in front of me and this like Big Chinese guy come from behind me with the basket is obviously behind me just cuz BAM and takes my spot Right in front of me, and I was like huh, huh? He didn’t even look at me didn’t recognize me, just put it started putting his stuff out there the checkout chick Looked at me, and then just went and served him. I looked at the people behind me as well They looked at me and then just ignored it I’m not going to say that in a western country other people would defend the Chinese person if this happen in Reverse But I think it’s a far greater percentage chance that they would I think Western people are extremely self-conscious about this type of racism happening all the time And they would they would address it they would be like hey, dude What the hell are you doing and I think other people in the line would probably as well But the thing was he was directly behind me so he didn’t affect them That’s probably why and I’m just the foreigner and there’s this there’s this mentality in China where they don’t hire foreigners unless it’s Something useful like an English teacher. That’s the only job. You can really get in China you can be an English teacher Or you can become an entrepreneur Here’s a link to the video up here of me reacting to a rap video that happened last year. It’s called fuck off foreigners Yeah, there’s there’s a part in that video where he says look you start off as an English teacher And then you become an entrepreneur it’s like they’re attacking foreigners for for uh For not having work in China. It’s like no it’s not the foreigners fault It’s your fault for discriminating against foreigners and in the reverse if you go to Western countries we have these Diversity targets that we need to reach and right at the very top is making sure that we get more jobs for Asian people so if you’re a white guy living in any country You are literally you’re being discriminated against everywhere in your own country and in the country where people are promoting these Diversity so it’s a Yeah, I’m it’s disgusting it is freakin disgusting and fix up your own backyard before you start talking about other people’s backyards and Complaining about other people. I think the West has been brainwashed not the first time I’ve been to China by the way and And you don’t have to listen to me. You can just go through other Youtubers that are living in China. They’re they’re not getting treated heaps well either unless you’re a pretty white girl pretty white girls get treated really well in China I I just think that it’s just totally unfair that You can be treated so badly in China as a white man, or it’s just the foreigner in general There’s a lot of Africans here that in Quadra. They have this I mean one jonell by the way guangzhou has this a Huge African population, would you believe it or not? they have a real underground African population massive by the way, and I’ve been meeting up with a lot of them as well and African youtubers as well And then they say look discrimination is bad in Guangzhou against the African community But I just wanna I just want you all to know the double standard out there, it’s just ridiculous I just think it is absolutely freakin ridiculous to Behave like that But anyway, I think I might talk about Nightlife in China tomorrow and also CG Pina has just become like the leader for life And I think that’s a good thing so I might talk about that as well in the coming days I have a totally different view on that then what the West has been Putting out in the media if you if you read read it they just Nick calling Zhi Jing ping a dictator They’re saying he’s a bad person, but I’m certain I have a different take on it, and I think I might be able to convince you to my side of this one But anyway obviously in you guys tomorrow