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I’m Jamie in Dubai if this is your first time here – be sure to subscribe and also tick that Bell notification so you get notified every time I upload a video okay in today’s video we are going to be
focusing on cheap hotels in Dubai YouTube is littered with people who have
just gone on to booking dot com to show cheap hotels to you the YouTube
audience where to stay that (idea) doesn’t sit well with me where would I choose for my
friends and family how would I give you the best advice on how to maximize your stay in Dubai whilst not spending a fortune in some of the other hotels on my channel so we’re gonna find the cheapest hotels but we’re going to centre our search around some really fundamental points number one is next to a beach
Dubai is a beach town it’s a beautiful place so let’s find you cheap hotels next to a beach – with beach access what about hotels that are next to the metro perhaps because they don’t have that beach access will be a little cheaper but you can jump on the metro and get to
where you need to go or number three are attached or are near to a Mall. this will allow you to quickly and easily go out of the hotel find cheap and easy eating options
and also connection options and shopping options what isn’t a love so those three
things are going to be fundamentally important to what we discuss today
all right you ready let’s go so as I said we’re going to be focusing
around some key areas in Dubai number one is JB our shamira beach resident for
the uninitiated this is the epicenter of where tourists go to in Dubai when it’s
very expensive and if you want one of those beachfront hotels they tend to be
upwards of 200 $300 a night and frankly it’s not worth the money there are some
brand new hotels just be ironed behind these areas but some of them aren’t well
known names and frankly I wouldn’t trust given them to you and committing that
they are going to be good consistently so we’re gonna focus firstly on a hotel
called Rove Rove are owned by Emaar now these are the guys behind to buy more
land Burj Khalifa so it’s an incredibly well-known developer here in Dubai and
they’ve recently launched this brand called Rove and it’s a really cheap
hotel in fact during summer some of the rooms in roved by marina have been going
from 99 terms a night that’s like 16 or 17 dollars very very cheap yes there are
no bells and whistles don’t expect gold taps don’t expect the normal
accoutrements but do expect really clean rooms really fresh design really easy
but they are gonna be a little bit away from that sea view that normally costs a
premium so roved by marina is in a good location it’s at the top end of ciabatta
of Dubai Marina and JB are where the two areas intersect it’s a little walk to
the beach it’ll probably take you around about five or ten minutes to get to the
beach but you know I would rather have that walk and save the money then to
actually have that view and spend a fortune so that’s number one
now this fresh and lively hotel has some really good deals if you check the
website which I put below they have some deals such as because they own the Burj
Khalifa and buy more they have deals where if you stay there and you get
tickets to the top of the Burj Khalifa vote for air thrown in for free you can
buy them as a package for about 450 Durham’s which i think is a really
really good value and I think there’s another one which is a little bit more
expensive which will actually put two-way airport transfers a night stay
bed-and-breakfast and tickets to the top so do be sure to check that in the link
below Rove hotels and whilst you’re on the website have a look at other hotels
around buy because they have another good one in the downtown area of Dubai
but it will be a little expensive number two that we’ll be focusing on is
harm Jumeirah permed Miren the man-made island jutting out the ocean in the
shape of a palm tree is the quintessential place it’s the iconic
place in Dubai there’s nothing better than logging into Google Earth and
taking a picture and selling it to your family and saying guess where I am I’m a
Bond villain and I’m on a man-made island in the middle of the ocean
awesome but it is also the home of the rich and famous and the really expensive
hotels as you know Atlantis can be five hundred six hundred dollars a night the
wall of Astoria and antara the one and only all of these are very very
expensive hotels but there is one cheap hotel on the pump and it’s called a loft
it’s owned by the Marriott Group and it is one of their lower echelon hotels
without all the bells and whistles so it is super cheap I think in checking
reviews of this hotel it seems to be very nice and very clean I’ve been there
to have a look around today and it’s a great design they have a rooftop bar for
those sunsets and drinks so you can have the quintessential view of the Arabian
Gulf on an evening that could be a really nice thing way to spend an
evening there’s a daily shuttle five times a day there’s a free shuttle
taking you from the hotel to Dubai Marina Mall so if you don’t want to eat
at the hotel you can go into into town easily for free five times a day so
that’s that’s also a nice little touch Marina Mall is also next to the Metro so
you could use that shuttle to then go and explore or further around to buy it
has its own private beach just a short walk from the hotel no more than two
minutes here’s an area with its own cordoned off swimming its own deck
chairs its own Sun beds where you can soak up some MIT mints bitumen D to your
heart’s content all very nice and it’s next door to the Anantara resort so I’ll
put the link up here that really expensive place that was you know more
than a thousand dollars a night this place is next door and it’s super cheap
so why wouldn’t you want to stay and save all that money
it’s a great place but one word of warning for you is palm jumeirah is a
long way from downtown to buy a long way from other areas of Dubai so you will be
quite isolated if you’re here so make the use of that shuttle service if you
want to have a pair time where you are exploring more of the city this might
not be the place for you but if you want to lounge around on the beach and do
nothing for your vacation then this is a good choice the next on my list is a hotel that
actually I’ve chosen this one is one of my favorite hotels because it’s a
Sheraton Hotel located Mall of the Emirates now Mall of the Emirates has
this location in the center of Dubai where you can get onto the Metro from
Mall of the Emirates it’s a very short walk to the metro station a couple of
stops to the right you’re at downtown you’re at Dubai more a couple of stops
to the left and you’re at Marina marina mall and and by marina and and jbr so
it’s a good central point and this is a cheap hotel that is connected to the
mall so you can go and explore your heart’s content in those hot summer days
you can go and do your shopping you can go into the supermarket get cheap food
there’s lots of food outlets there so it’s a really good place to be able to
do those things so this is one of my probably my top tips is actually staying
at Mall of the Emirates but there are two Hotel verb is one called Kempinski
but that’s too expensive buy it from my opinion this is the one to sleep the next hotel on my list is in downtown
to buy I talked earlier about Rove and rave hotel and Rove have opened up a
hotel in downtown to buy called wild Rove downtown easy for you to say and
it’s a great hotel again the same thing no bells and whistles very new very
clean very cheap rates here will be a little more expensive it’s just over the
road from Dubai Mall so you can go and have that shopping you can have that
experience to go to the top of to buy Burj Khalifa and that thrown in with a
price be sure to check in the link below for information on that and this is a
really really good choice of a hotel also within this hotel
there are Burj Khalifa views so if you want that quintessential Dubai view of
you know for that Instagram post when you get up in the morning this is gonna
be a good one for it because actually waking up with a boat believer view is
pretty awesome and I gotta say you know there are hotels with similar views that
go for a lot more money than this one the other thing that is a good point of
this hotel is the rooms come with either two twin beds over or a king bed looked
like normal but also with the sofa bed included in all the room rates so this
means if you are traveling with one or two small children
you can sleep them in the same room as you and have a family sized room for a
very cheap price so this is a really good thing as long as you are aware the
room sizes will be small and it might be a bit cramped with more people in there
so as your kids get a bit older maybe consider getting them as a room next
door but still gives you good options if you want to come and stay with a family
here so that’s pretty good so thanks for your time thanks for watching and be
sure to click on one of the end screens of this video so
have a look at other hotels around bye and maybe some of those booking list
properties that maybe it’s worth spending one or two nights in during
your vacation okay