[Music] hey friends welcome back to my channel today I am so excited to be sharing with you guys my coffee and hot cocoa bar everything here was purchased from the Dollar Tree or target dollar spot so SuperDuper affordable lots of fun whether it’s for you your kids grandkids it doesn’t matter you could do something super fun like this a little bit goes a long way and it is perfect for the season so I am so excited to be showing you guys how I do that I am also going to show you guys how I make this delicious frothy coffee like a latte without the calories just so yummy and once you guys know this little trick you will not be able to drink coffee without it okay so the first thing I’m going to do to do this cocoa bar I think it’ll be better set over here so I’m going to move the coffee maker in bring the canisters over here so whenever you do a cocoa bar or a text like bar type thing you want everything kind of into close quarters but it because I don’t like a lot of clutter I’m going to put it over here so it’s just got its own counter space [Music] because I don’t want to see the outlet I wouldn’t use things like cutting boards and just give it some dimension but it also hides everything very see what I wanted to let you guys know that I am actually partnering with my friend Adeline sook she is also doing a really cool coffee and a bar idea you guys have got to go check her out she is a very very close friend to me so it would just mean the world to me if you just go over say hey let her know that Lin sent you and if you guys are from Avalons channel thank you so much for coming and say hey it means so much to me and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button before you go we have similar content and we have a lot of fun over here I am going to use some command hooks to secure this I decided that not to hang anything on it because it actually felt once and I had to add more of the little sticky command hooks on the back so that is my one little suggestion if you have a backsplash use the command hooks but I wouldn’t hang anything on these [Music] [Music] candy canes are my kids favorite and so when you’ll see at the end of the video when you see the final little bar tour there’s not as many candy canes because every time they came home from school they had to get a couple and share with their friends [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so here’s everything all-time I’ve got my paper towels here and I am trying to cover the back of this so I used some of this biscotti and I’ve got one of our favorite mugs I got this from this was from Michaels last year target dollar spot some candy canes because these are so good hot chocolate the tier tray is from Target then one of these little five dollar containers I think this is a half gallon from Walmart I got this so long ago so I already had it and I filled it with the hot chocolate then my $3 flocked tree from Target and then this mat here was from Target as well it’s just two dollars and fifty cents another mug I’ve had these for probably eight years no kidding so I have everything and when the kids get home I’m gonna Surprise them and we are gonna have hot chocolate then I have this here I believe this was also from target dollar spot last year and if you guys are remember in last year’s cocoa bar actually nailed it into the wall but since we have this backsplash I use the command hooks but so far I think it is really really sweet I could probably use another one of these but I’ve been extra money if you really don’t have to so before I show you the final bar and what it looks like I am going to show you how to make a delicious drip coffee tastes like a latte use the coffee of your choice I’m using the holiday blend I really love Bernie’s Santa’s white Christmas but today I’ll use this use the creamer of your choice I’m using almond milk any type works and use a little froth or like I have here I purchased this at Target it was six dollars and you basically just aerate the coffee as you see here go up and down and just especially when you see that the froth is coming to the top you kind of work that a little bit more and it makes the most delicious creamy frothy coffee tastes just like a latte and it saves a ton of money you’re not having to go to Starbucks which I still go you know I don’t our hot chocolates I use just a little pouch some marshmallows whipped cream of course for dairy-free friends you can definitely do the coconut whipped cream and add a candy cane and this is our favorite way to have hot chocolate here is the final look of the coffee and cocoa bar I’ve added the sweetened whipped cream I like the dairy-free coconut whipped cream as I mentioned so that is definitely something to try but the kids like the sweetens I will also use my cute little snowman cup here that I’ve had for so long brings back so many good memories and put my frother in that I’ve got my biscotti back there trying to hide the outlet and my dog a dollar a little container they’re full of candy canes you can see a lot are gone because my kids have eaten them my sweet little phlox tree target has these this year so definitely go check it out and this super cute mug holder I did not put any mugs on that because I wasn’t sure it was gonna stay they are being secured that whole thing is being secured by command strips I am using my canister here actually got this on Facebook marketplace you can purchase it at Walmart I think it’s about five dollars my little container here it’s from the dollar store one dollar and filled it with marshmallows and then I am using the coffee that I use this day the holiday blends I hope you guys enjoyed how I made this yummy frothy coffee and this delicious hot chocolate you guys have got to try this my kids were so excited I surprised them when they came home and they were over the moon it’s been a little bit chilly here in Florida so it has been perfect to wake out with some hot chocolate so I hope you guys get some of these items all from the dollar spot at Target and the Dollar Tree super affordable lots of fun and if you have kids or grandkids or shoot even for yourself this is a fun little treat and we might as well enjoy it while we can to see that comes and goes so fast so do everything you can to make memories and enjoy it the best you can thank you guys so much for watching today the video don’t forget to check out my sweet friend Adeline and I will see you guys are the next ones [Music]