We just checked in now we’re gonna go through departures through customs and immigration and then we’re going to look for the lounge so yeah we have these free two hour passes that were given to us by the hotel so yeah should be fun Just cleared immigration Ok I’m in that was crazy fast like 5 minutes maximum and they didn’t even x-ray us so that was cool now it’s time to find the lounge I’m wearing a hoodie but I look like a homeless person with this thing on see the fluff is all coming off it’s Hanna’s favourite store I can actually buy one for for my laptop ok we took the skytrain to terminal 1 and hunting down the Plaza Premium Lounge Hey Ok we finally found the lounge and it’s good I got chicken rice they have a whole fridge full of soda and they’ve got milk and coffee and tea instant noodles and yeah, it’s pretty sweet a place to chill out in and as much food as you want ok so this is what I got it’s a small bowl of chicken rice there’s some pickled capsicum or cucumber there chilli sauce kecap manis and there’s even herbal chicken soup time to eat Let me just get a good bite a bit of chicken a bit of rice that was actually really good the chicken’s really tender and soft and the cucumber adds a bit of tangy crispness and yeah the rice it’s not too moist, not too soggy and it has a really good chicken flavour time for round 2 of the lounge food eating night this is what I got some soba noodles a green leaf salad cherry tomato and underneath there’s a lot of potato salad and I don’t know what the name was but it looks like a jelly with some peach inside So that’s it Tour time This is the main area of the lounge This is the entry some newspapers and all the boarding times there’s the kitchen and eating area That’s the bar free cookies They’ve got these VIP booths and they’ve got little individual booths too you can sit inside here Ok that was definitely good value Love airport lounges now That was my first one And thank you to the hotel we were staying at for giving us those free two hour passes Now we start our long walk back to terminal 1 Gate F58 and our flights in 1 hour so almost the end of a big big trip Hey guys So that is the end of my vlog travel series for 2015 It was really awesome to make it It’s my first time making YouTube videos and I mainly did it just to get practice talking to a camera figuring out how to edit and also just mainly for myself so yeah a lot of times I go on holiday and I totally forget what I did or I never take enough photos it’s been really good to watch this back in a few years time and if you enjoyed it too that is awesome you are awesome and I would really appreciate it if you could like comment or subscribe to the channel it’s so encouraging when new people subscribe because when I filmed this I had 0 subscribers it was like imagining a whole group of people inside the camera which was kinda weird yeah it was a great experience I’m going to be bringing out a lot more stuff in 2016 Lot more vlogs and also some animations please check that out if you’re interested in that and I guess I’ll see you guys in the next video bye