Rub ‘n Restore® is a professional
waterborne system that allows you to recolor leather and vinyl with a sponge. We will be changing this loveseat from
dark green to a beautiful tan. Let’s begin by wiping the surface with a
cleaner like 409® or Greenworks® to remove any loose dirt, grease, or oil. Exhaustive
cleaning is not necessary. That’s what Rub ‘n Restore® Color is for. We will be using a cellulose sponge to apply the dye. Dampen the sponge with
water so that it doesn’t drip when squeezed. Keep a spray bottle of water
handy to periodically moisten the sponge. Thoroughly stir your Rub ‘n Restore® Color until evenly dispersed. This can take up to two full minutes.
Pour a small amount of Rub ‘n Restore® Color directly onto your sponge or the
working surface. Spread it evenly across the area, massaging into cracks and wrinkles. Notice how little dye we pour onto our sponge, maybe a tablespoon at a time. Don’t worry if Rub ‘n Restore® Color looks streaky and transparent. The first layer is always the most work, because it primes the surface for the following coats of dye. Remember that many thin layers are
better than a few thick layers. If any coat of Rub ‘n Restore® Color is applied too heavily, you may notice small cracks form as the dye dries and cures. Thoroughly dry each coat with a hair dryer before
applying another layer, but avoid getting the surface too hot. The color will darken as it dries. It
will take several coats to do a dramatic color change like this one. Second and
third layers will get better coverage but may still look streaky or uneven. Any
additional coats should remedy this and leave you with a professional result. You be the judge. Just let the entire
process be fast and easy Don’t spend too much time or use too
much Rub ‘n Restore® Color on any one area. It took five coats of dye to color
change this sofa which is demonstrated on this cushion. Surfaces with lots of wrinkles and folds, like this one, will use more volume of Rub ‘n Restore® Color. We did the tops and sides of the love seat with just under 8 oz. but we did not dye the undersides of the
cushions or the back of the loveseat which are not visible. We usually would recommend 16 oz. to perform a dramatic color change such as this. However, using a color similar to your
surface will achieve the same great results with far less volume of Rub ‘n Restore® Color. For more luster and to deepen the color, you can apply our Clear Glosser. It also provides an extra layer of protection from the elements. Apply it the same way, with a damp sponge, ideally the following day. Your surface is ready for use as soon as Rub ‘n Restore® Color is dry. It will not rub off on clothing. Allow 48
hours for the dye to cure to its full strength. During this time avoid getting it wet, as water or other liquids will reactivate the dye.