Hello everybody my name is Jay Bravender. I’m the director sales for Champion. And I’d like to introduce to you our new 44 Pro Conveyor Series Dishwasher. Some of the biggest differences that you’ll see on this machine is how the rack is conveyed for the unit. The old style of a rack would actually go with a conveyor dog, and it would start and stop over half the time. So half the time the rack is in motion, half the time is it stopped. What we have here is what it’s called a progressive drive system. So in the inside of the unit it has a conveyor pole that is actually moving consistently and it’s moving ninety percent of the time and only stopping ten percent of the time. The big benefit there is that’s going to give you consistent results. If you don’t have that by having it stopping and starting, you eliminate those results to get clean plates and clean dishes. On the inside of the machine you can see that’s what that progressive drive looks like. So the the rack is constantly moving back and forth in a constant motion to give you the results that you’re looking for. We also have a much larger separation from your wash zone to your final rinse zone. The greater separation means less carryover of water and you want to make sure that the the racks and the dishes and the plates are getting the results and the final rinse that is needed because again with Champion our goal is to always get a clean plate and a clean glass. Obviously you want your operators to be able to clean the machine so when we designed this we want–had wash arms that are easy to remove. Easy access to your scrap buckets, easy access to your upper wash arms, and the other nice thing that we have with this is we have the ability to remove the final rinse arms. Again with the low-water uses that you’re seeing in the industry now–when those rinse arms get clogged, most manufacturers don’t have the ability to clean that final rinse, whereas we wanted to make sure that the operators can take the rinse arms off for cleaning again to make sure that you’re getting that proper flow of water through the unit. Again at Champion we always believe in quality construction. Some of the things that separate us from all the competitors out there is how we’re built and how it’s made. We’re one of the only manufactures that actually utilize an all stainless steel manifold. A lot of other manufacturers have gone to either a whole plastic manifold or plastic inserted in certain components of it whereas we feel that the construction of stainless steel is going to give them a machine that’s built to last. We also utilize all copper piping. We do not believe that plastic and rubber hoses are the way to go. We spend a little bit more money but pass that savings on to the customer with copper piping that lasts much longer. We also have a one-piece construction that is different than everybody else and eliminates a seam which costs in the future when you have a seam you get leaking and our goal is to to give you one piece construction that’s built to last. This is a sample of our new control package on this unit. Again, nice and easy to operate but it has a lot of built-in diagnostics on there. This makes it start. Start and stop. It also has the ability for when a machine does break, it gives you the readouts of your inputs and your outputs and the uptime is important on a dishwasher. If I can eliminate three service calls to get my machine back up and running, this gives them the ability to do it in one service call with this control package. The other thing that we do is we provide the manuals because again it never fails that a lot of operators constantly are changing their staff. All of our manuals are built into the controller and gives them the ability to go in there and here’s exactly the procedure and the steps with pictures on how to clean this dishwasher. Thank you for listening to myself and learning a little bit more about Champion. And the big key components with Champion are the control package that we’ve introduced–that’s going to eliminate a lot of the service calls and it’s almost self-diagnose. We utilize 100 gallons of water per hour which is one of the lowest in the industry. Energy Star qualified. I showed you a little bit about the quality of construction. So we feel that choosing Champion is choosing the best dish washing the market. Thank you for your time.