Today’s deck was made by King Deck. He who wears the crown must bear the weight of it. First of all, let’s use a fancy deck to beat the opponent first. It’s a deck that ensures the tank’s rigidity and the safety of its backline. There’s no Hill, but there’s a resurrectional kilo tanker and a dealer at Harryana. It’s an efficient deck that you can use. If you have to break a deck twice that you can’t get through easily, It’s going to be very hard. The tanker Helbon’s Skull Target’s gear was blown off. Back line while enduring Hart’s deal and piercing it The dealer’s deal can overpower the opponent. Hellbon’s skill is that the more advanced your equipment, Don’t miss the tips for more efficient! Irym CC, lock the enemy in, and Ultimate Make sure you put in a continuous dot-demage. Plutton’s ultimate weapon is to cool down the target’s skill, We can’t ignore the back line of firing projectiles. There’s a downside that transcendence is hard, but we need to bring together the king of Ceres. Let’s try to complete a nice deck. Let’s go to the raid. Formation and back and forth using advanced strategies. Let’s move the eggrobes of the lad boss. This will make the dealers more comfortable with the deal, right? Of course, using Plutton’s shield skills, You can enjoy a more comfortable Raid Let’s keep turning the skill school. If the tanker and the dealer were dead, Reincarnate as Harryana’s Ultimate. Let’s fight with the Raid Boss. It’s this stable, this wonderful combination. I want you to overpower the raid boss. Now run to Ceres, collect the king. Be King of Ceres.