(jazzy music) (crowd chanting) (crowd chanting) – [Mike] Stupid B, bar man, Stupid B. – [Vinny] Mike knows that
there are bouncers in the club. Mike only acts like a tough guy when there’s people around
to hold back the fight. – [Mike] Oh! – (laughter) – [Nicole] Let’s get
outta here…time to go. Place is wacked. – [Deena] Let’s go biatches. – [Pauly D] I’m into girls. I’m not into drama, so
I’m ready to go home. (“Bought in, do it
again. Line up everyone”) – [Deena] I don’t understand… everyone else right now is
just like let’s go home, and I’m just like meh, like I’m still trying to
have a good time here. Central Park! – (Know what I know cause
I know what I’m thinking… Love like ours will never be broken) – (inaudible 01:31) Bye love you. – [Jenni “JWOWW”] I only
know I’m going to be mom when I walk in Central Park, so I’m going home and going to bed. (upbeat music) – [Deena] Oh my God, I gotta pee. Whoa, I can’t run fast enough. (upbeat music) – [Deena] So we’re trying
to dance at Central Park, and these guys are like
harassing me and Nicole. – [Nicole] I hate all of you. Eww! – [Deena] Back up! – [Nicole] Don’t touch me…go away! – [Deena] Back up! – [Deena] They were like making fun of us. Maybe it was the boots. – [Nicole] Throwing ice
at me and my friend… You don’t f***ing do that. – Done! – Done! – (inaudible 03:04) – [Nicole] It’s fine (inaudible 03:07). Deena, it’s fine. – [Deena] No, get me out of here because I’m going to go back
there and f*** them up. – [Nicole] Listen. – [Deena] I wish. – [Nicole] Listen. – [Deena] Bro, I wish. – [Nicole] Listen. – [Deena] Bro… – [Nicole] That wasn’t
nice of them to do that. – [Deena] We actually proved
that we actually have manners. And we actually have like
respect for other people. – [Nicole] Everyone’s gonna see me and I look like a 2-cent hooker. – [Deena] You look (inaudible 03:35). – [Nicole] We’re so out
of our element, it’s sick.