You what up yall Ms right here and welcome back to my youtube channel for todays video I am going to take you guys to one of the most iconic culinary places in Medan, Indonesia It is called Cemara Asri, Cemari Asri is one of the largest house Complex in Medan and that is the reason why there are so many food Varieties in Cemara Asri but before we go I am going to pick two of my friends first to join our journey to Cemara Asri Now that we are all here let’s head to Cemara Asri So guys Cemara Asri is on of the largest house complex in It has a lot of things, banks, restaurants cafes barber and even a school so basically people who live inside the complex are rarely go outside Because offers so many things well except for theater, mall and hospital So we finally arrived at the main entrance guys, so once you get inside you’ll see a lot of things So right now we are going to circling the roundabout to show you what they have Theres so many cars parking right infront of Sophie’s square well, sophie’s square is a food court with a lot of food guys And that road where the red big truck is about to go is actually a way to one of the biggest temple in town and that place is the lake where a lot of pelicans live That way is the way back to the main entrance So after we strolling around in so many places,we finally decided to go to the Sophie’s square food court because it offers a lot of varieties of food So this is the inside of the Sophie’s Square food court or we used to call it as KOPITIAM They serve a lot of food for us to choose From local food, snacks, drinks, local desserts It is actually so crowded at night, so if you come at night, you must prepare yourself What should we order? and I am so sorry if I cant order a lot but I hope this will give you a whole idea of what it has to offer in sophie’s square So we finally decided to order kwetiau goreng Sagsang sambal cabe merah and mie pangsit In this seafood fried kwetiau it has fish meatballs, shrimps, green chilli, bean sprouts and this one fried pork belly with red chilli and the also have another variant of chilli So this is the root beer version in Indonesia, it’s called BADAK the only serve it in Medan Indonesia Look at the chilli So good guys, you have to try Well, that is all for my culinary trip to Cemara Asri as you guys can see there are so many other things to eat in Cemara Asri then I guess I’ll just make Cemara Asri Culinary Trip part 2 later on checking so much guys for watching and please do comments in the comment’s section down below of what Recommendations should I eat at Cemara Asri next time I visit there and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up If you enjoyed watching this video, and please do subscribe if you aren’t already for now on, bye guys and I’ll see you on the next one