I have a more down-to-earth approach I
think. You know, go to school, get a job, hopefully be blessed to have a wife and
family. And just, you know, I just I think the the respect goes to anybody who gets
up and goes to work every day and takes care of their family and is just a
good citizen for the community. My dad, when I was a kid, was definitely first a dad and then a dentist. He spent a lot of time at work but he was home a lot, too. Well sometimes, if we put this in the context of Dr. Glenn, sometimes you just
have a connection with people. Glenn is just one of those people that you just have an automatic connection with, it’s hard not to. He’s great. When you know you’re doing a good job he’ll tell you a great job and
when you’re not he’ll let you know and give you that opportunity to do a better
job the next time. If you’ve been around Dr. Glen at all, you know every day’s a new day. And he keeps you on your toes, he keeps you challenged, and these are all
all in my opinion, positive things that I look forward to on a daily basis. He’s been a great mentor, you know, I would compare him to like, you know, your your
high school football coach it was a real tough coach but just was a great
motivator and leader. The integrity of his work is miraculous. He’s fantastic, and I don’t think we’ll find a better, a better Dr. Glenn, or a Dr. Spielmann! [laughs] We started the Dental Depot in 1978, so I’m the original dentist number one and
founder with my wife Arlene, who’s a dental hygienist. She actually is who originated the concept and came up with the idea of
putting the trains in the office. Taking one little baby step and antiquing and buying train memorabilia and having people in our lives that
wanted to have fun with with following our little idea of having something a
little entertaining when you come to the dental office. I grew up being a regular
at the office, running around, playing with all the different tools and the
dental chairs. And back in the 80s, kids could really kind of run a muck still in
dental and medical offices. There weren’t as many rules back then! I still remember coming into the office when I was a kid and always seeing Pam
Foster, she’s always been the manager at the 23rd Street dental office. Well,it’s changed because we went from two rooms over there since I started with him,
to 24 or 25 rooms and many many offices so it has just grown abundantly and I
think the reason for that is because we do care about our patients and we treat
them the way that we would want to be treated. Playfully, in the Dental Depot early days we would do things like hide, I’d hide spiders on floss behind a
cabinet door so when Pam Foster would open the door it’d fly out and scare her to
death! Also remember the first time Dr. Glenn put up a sign that it said,
“emergency seen same day,” and we thought oh my gosh, how are we going to do this?
But we did that, and it it has worked out wonderfully. We’ve here for essentially one thing and one thing only, and that’s to serve our patients.
That’s what we come in for. That’s why we turn the lights on every day. That’s why
we open the doors, is to serve them and serve them to the best of our ability. Being a partner with the community and having a business that can participate
in that I just take great pride in and walking into work to a happy, fresh, clean,
well-kept place with flowers and I just and that means a lot to me, and then you
know carrying that over in the community: Oklahoma City Beautiful was one of my
favorite things to help sponsor and do. He understands that a clean and
beautiful city is is much more than just pretty, it is an economic driving factor
for our community. Just being a participant involved in Fields & Futures now, with their program and and doing stuff at the high school I went to. Not only will he come in there and help with monetarily, but it’ll also advocate
and get involved, and then he’s actually brought a couple more donors to
the project and so the end result today is uh, it’s a hundred percent difference
improvement on the what he’s taking care of so we were blessed to get to go know
Mr. Ashmore and his impact has been fantastic with us. I was in bed at ten fifteen or so and Linda Cavanaugh was on TV and says,
“Breaking news: the Dental Depot is on fire.” I sat right up out of bed and thought, “Gosh, guess I better go down there!” Actually we saw it on the news about the same time, the ten o’clock news, is about the same
time that I got the phone call. Got down to 23rd Street at the highway
and you could see a yellow glow in the sky. I was three blocks at least away and
you could see the the glow so I knew that was bad. It was kind of exciting,
because of the fact that it was like on the news, and it was being covered by
Linda Cavanaugh, and it was really neat because when she was covering the story
she called our office a landmark and I remember how proud my dad was that she
had said that. How did it burn down? There’s a fire station across the street!
But the the immediate, you know, concern was just the giant mess and how are we
gonna salvage anything that was left in that building? You know the first thing
is the shock and then the next thing is, “What do we do tomorrow? What do we do
right now? Do we get a bucket and a mop or what?” That’s a tough thing to have to
overcome. From that day on we worked every employee came together the very
next day. We started cleaning up we got us a building in back where we could at
least get the phones and call patients and talk to them. And it took a lot of teamwork and there’s you know a lot of wonderful people that are still with the
Dental Depot that were there during that time. And when that happened we were just
talking I just offered that he could, you know, use my place if he needed it and
then he ended up using it and seeing patients over there for a month or two
before they could, I believe they end up going over to the South location, it was
just wasn’t quite ready. And it was it was a tough time, because nobody knew what was going to happen, you know, Glenn had just started this idea of the Dental
Depot concept, and it was a big jump, a leap of faith for him, to to start over
with his personal practice. I think probably his biggest risk was opening
his second location because he didn’t know for sure what he was doing yet, and
how it would go, and how it would work and it was kind of, because it was new, was
an experiment and at anytime something’s new and you don’t know the systems yet
it’s a risk. Family is a big word to me I have quite a big family and I have
extended it coming on with Dental Depot. I consider everyone in the company my
family. You know it doesn’t have to be blood. It’s anybody that you love and trust. Could be everyone you work with, could people be the people you live with,
people you care about. Like a bond, not necessarily blood, because sometimes you have family that isn’t related to you at all, but they’re there for you through
thick and thin. A family means loyalty and having
someone’s back and building them up and helping them through hard times. The word family, I think of love. I love working for the Dental Depot. It is a family. It’s
an extension of my personal family and it’s a joy and honor and a privilege to
work every day. The true definition of family to me, is the
people who we choose to be a part of our lives on a daily basis. I do have an outstanding work family we’ve got a significant amount of people in my
location, at the central location, that have been with the company for a very
long time and we very much look at ourselves as a family. We get to laugh a lot and we work hard. And it’s just a lot of fun. The Depot is like a home away from home. Sometimes it feels more like home. We spend a lot of our
time there and I’m just really grateful for everything that Dr. Ashmore and
Depot has has done for me, and really for everyone. It’s a great office. We have a
pretty good time. People get along and you know we, every background, race,
religion, whatever, we really we mix very well. We’ve got great people that
represent us at all levels of the Dental Depot and it’s just a fun and exciting
place to be around so there’s a lot to be happy about at the Dental Depot’s. We are all very close-knit. We know what’s going on in
everybody’s lives and we try to adjust to what we need. When I was a patient account service rep, hard work, good work ethic, and they just have always believed
in me and let me do what I love doing best. You know, I can call Dr. Glenn
any time I have a question I want to talking about something. Just, that’s
local and family-owned and they take you know they take care of us. We have good
employees that, you know, been here a long time. When it all comes down to it, it’s a
great place to work and to get up in the morning and to want to come, and to enjoy
your job and know that you’re going to be appreciated for what you’re doing. When I used to manage I would always tell them, “We are a family,” because we’re
at the office as long as, longer than what we are at home most of the time, so
this is our family and we are one. I mean, we’re an individual, but we
are a family and all of us are definitely one Happy 40th anniversary Dental Depot!
Remember 40 is the new 30! You’ve taken something that was people’s worst day in some obscure door in a little medical center and turned it into a
cultural icon. That’s no small thing, so congratulations. Happy birthday Dental Depot, in the words of Dr. Glenn, it’s 40 years of saving tooth
lives. Congratulations Glenn, and happy
anniversary to the Dental Depot, it’s been a great 40 years.
Ditto from me Glenn, and more. Happy Anniversary Dental Depot, you don’t look a day over 20. Happy 40th anniversary to Dental Depot. Happy Anniversary Dental Depot and continued success for many years to come. Happy Anniversary Dental Depot I appreciate everything you’ve done for me
throughout the years and everything that you do for our community. Happy 40th Anniversary Dental Depot Happy 40th birthday Dental Depot, it’s been quite a ride. Happy 40th anniversary Dental Depot, keep doing what you do. Dr. Glenn, happy 40th anniversary. I can’t wait for the next 40. Happy 40th anniversary Dr.Glenn, and Dental Depot, it’s been a ride for me I’ve enjoyed it. You’ve been
a great boss and and mentor and just keep, keep going. Nobody works harder than you do. I feel like Dental Depot is, it’s my baby
as well, and the patients and I love them and I love what we do, so happy
birthday. Thank you so much, we couldn’t do it without you,
the people that have been with us short-term and long-term, so I look
forward to seeing everybody for a lot more and can’t thank you enough for
helping us accomplish and share our philosophy and serve the patients
that we’ve been able to care for in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and
other states we’ve grown into. Yes, thank you so much for your service and we are so happy to have everybody that’s part of Dental Depot on our team. You all are
wonderful and we hope that we can continue to serve you as our employees,
and continue to serve our patients for many many years to come.