I think…. cough! cough! cough! from the crazy amount of chili oil i put in there hey guys! we are at Mactan International
Airport we are at the plaza premium lounge we’re gonna use their cards to
get in we got the cards through our Chase Sapphire Rewards Visa cards and
we’re gonna go in grab a quick meal relax a little bit before our flight
let’s go okay so we’re all checked in
thanks to these lovely ladies behind me thank you that’s almost gone now now I got some adobo got some vegetables and some bacon and
some spring rolls some coffee most importantly I opted for a bowl of
noodles I put some chili oil in here, i put a lot of chili oil it’s actually really hot, but it’s good i like it Thank You Salamat po what gate? huh? what gate? four? Zone 4, Gate 15 that’s a big difference i know we’re late