Reliable performance and durable construction
make the CBK bench scale unmatched in value for industrial weighing and checkweighing. Fully featured and easy to use, the CBK tackles
a variety of applications, including parts counting, percentage weighing, check counting,
and accumulation. The grade 304 stainless steel pan provides
a large surface for weighing and counting. With a streamlined design, the scale is easy to transport between work areas and field locations. An easy-to-clean keypad is sealed to protect
against dirt and spills. A large backlit display is highly visible
in any lighting conditions. Color-coded keys highlight frequently
used functions, simplifying operation. Checkweighing applications are straightforward,
as colored indicators show the operator if a sample is under, over, or within the preset limits. Quickly accomplish repetitive weighing tasks
using the CBK’s graphic capacity tracker. Built-in memory stores up to ten sets of check
limits for recall at any time. Overload protection helps prevent damage to
internal components, while an audible overload alarm provides a warning when the scale’s
capacity is exceeded. Transmitting data to other devices is fast
with the RS-232 interface. Selectable, multi-language text printing provides
easy data transfer and traceability. The CBK is powered by electricity or a built-in
rechargeable battery pack, making it ideal for production, warehouse, or field use. Fully featured and robust, CBK is the right
choice for businesses needing a portable, flexible checkweighing solution. For more information on the
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