Hello everyone Today we are going to visit Cathay’s newest lounge in Hong Kong It locates at Gate 16/6 (since 28/3/2019) So it’s quite far away from most of the boarding gate Yet at the same time it has a special feeling when compares with other lounges Let’s check in first! We are in the main lounge with lots of people Then this is the terrace very spacious I believe that it looks great during sunset On The Terrace, you can view nearly the entire airport Also, planes land on the runway Moreover, Cathay offers these fancy chair so nice there are some drinks you can take from the Buffet Bar including soft drinks, wines, beers, etc Some hot meals and dishes stir-fried vegetables Stir-fried beef with bell pepper Tomato Soup Salad and Bread Since I was in a hurry I haven’t tried their shower room This is Cathay’s signature Noodle Bar you can order order-to-make wan tan noodle or some order-to-make dim sum Of course, the quality of them are not as good as other restaurants in Hong Kong Yet they are much better than restaurants in other countries Overall I love the Deck and it’s great to visit here before boarding Once again thank you for watching Bye!