Hello my dears! Today is our Wedding Anniversay and actually we planed to visit the zoo in Yokohama. However, it is so hot outside that we cancelled this. Instead of this we are at a cat café in Yokohama today, which just opened here in June. It is the Cat Café Mocha. There are already some shops of it and now they have one in Yokohama, too. And this we test today. We are already here for a while and I have to say that I am really enthused about it. It is very spacious. There are not that many people even though it is a public holiday today. I expected more people.
And there are not only cats here. There are many other things you can do here, which really surprised me. For example, as you already can see in the background, they have a lot of Manga here which you can read. For sure, most are in Japanese. But there are also many games you can play. There are various Switch games which you can play. We just tried it out and we had a lot of fun. They even have massage chairs which you can use for free. It is really impressive what you can do here next to petting cats. It is really great for arranging some of your time and it really is a lot of fun. So when you are in Yokohama and it is too hot outside and you are not sure what to do, why don’t you take a look inside the cat café. I really really enjoyed it here. But before I simply talk too much, please just watch the video and I hope you will enjoy it! The café is located close to Yokohama station. For every 10 minutes inside the café you have to pay 200 yen. Furthermore you have to pay for the drink bar, which costs 350 yen extra. However, with this you can drink as much as you want during your stay in the café. In the café you can find various types of cats. You can pet them, play with them or just keep watching. They are all super cute! The café offers many board games to play, but also some computer games. You even can charge your phone for free or work at your computer. The time is passing by quickly, so take care that it is not getting too expensive. This was my short video about the cat café in Yokohama. I hope you enjoyed it. As always I would be happy about thumbs up and comments. And if you are not following my channel now, I would be happy if you do it. See you next time! Byebye (^w^)/