After picking up our rental car at the
train station in Ivano-Frankivsk we started our drive to Yaremche in the
Carpathian Mountains. A word of warning if you plan to drive
in Ukraine, the roads are shocking ,quite easily some of the worst roads we have
ever driven on. The wet conditions made it even harder as you weren’t able to
tell how deep some of the puddles were and trust me some are very deep. In Yaremche itself is a small cascading waterfall that you can walk too. The water
runs down here and into the river that passes through the town. We stayed in this small log cabin it was
simple but perfectly located just behind the train station and within an easy
walk to the town’s amenities such as mini markets and restaurants. On our
first night we had at Vedmezha Hora It is probably the most expensive place in
town but it’s still dirt cheap by Western European standards. We enjoyed this cold meat platter followed by dumplings stewed cabbage local sausage
potato dumplings and pickles We didn’t have dessert but did indulge in
these mushroom filled filo pastry pies with sour cream. The weather in these
parts changes quickly we visited in mid-april and woke up to a blanket of
snow. This made for a pretty drive out to the viaduct, a disused train bridge about
an hour out of town. It’s cool to climb up and walk along but
be careful though there are zero safety precautions here. The bridge was originally built in the
late nineteenth century but fell into disrepair during the Soviet era and
instead of repairing it, another bridge was built which still served two train
line today. Driving in this region is the only way
to get around easily. You are rewarded with a glimpse into rural mountain
village ways of life. One of the best things is that you will come across cute
little houses, bridges, shops and churches that you can stop off and enjoy. Driving around we noticed these massive
birds nests on top of lamp posts, kind of creepy! Kolomyya is a fair sized town, a
kind of regional capital. The town itself is pretty rundown and tired looking but
we made the trip here to visit the Pysanka or egg museum. The tradition to paint eggs dates back centuries and some of the designs are amazingly intricate. There was a small market on when we
visited where you will find all the usual groceries as well as fresh fruit
and vegetables. We got the impression that many of the sellers here were
selling their own produce. As well as this we saw some pretty weird bits like
dried old fish, locally produced sausages and homemade pickles available for
purchase. We stopped for a coffee and a
cream-filled donut. Uou can’t go two minutes in this region without seeing a church. Centuries-old ones stand next to fancy brand-new ones and the design
varies massively. Most are in the Orthodox style but we like the older
wood built examples. The onion-shaped dome roofs are typical
of the Orthodox style as is the gleaming gold finishes you can’t miss these as
you’re driving around they really stand out against the green hills and people’s
more understated homes. For our last meal in town we went to Krasna sadyba restaurant. We were served a traditional snack of lard and bread which we decided
not to try. Dumplings filled with meat and sour cream a huge barbecued salmon steak
and chicken breast all accompanied with veg, really cheap for excellent quality
and super tasty. If you find yourself traveling without a
bottle opener and you want to take a beer with one of those kind of caps on,
little trick is to grab an empty plastic water bottle, angle it so that your first
finger is underneath the lid and the side of the lid touches the underneath
of the bottle, and then you just wanna angle whilst putting pressure on your
finger…. Hey Presto! Our three days in the mountains soon came to an end and it was time to head up to Lviv. Check out thism as well as our
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