Hello my name is Joe with Poolmaster
and today we’re going to do the assembly for the Caribbean Floating Lounge. There
are four crucial steps when assembling your lounge. The first step that we’re
going to do is putting the flange inserts into the arm pontoons. The next step is to take the fabric
sling and attach it on to the assembled frame. You have the long end here which
is designed for the footrest and then you have the short end which is designed
for the headrest. Please know on your fabric sling that one end is wider than
the other. The widest end is for the footrest. And for the final step you want to
attach your crossbars onto the arm pontoon. So you can see from the arm
pontoon there is a beverage holder. The beverage holder needs to go towards the
footrest. As you can see when I place the crossbars onto the arm pontoon there is
one that does not fit. This is normal. All you need to do is slide over towards the
edge of a table and you’ll see that now both crossbars are able to fit in the
channels. From here all you need to do is add your bolts and tighten to secure. Now that your pontoons are connected to
the frame you can go ahead and flip over your Caribbean Floating Lounge and now
you’re ready to relax in the water. My name is Joe with Poolmaster. We make
water fun!