think it was a deadly day for a man who police say was committing a crime he was shot and killed when he allegedly stole a Mercedes Benz g-wagen Scott Tim was over the vehicle as it crashed into a building on Miami Beach and that’s where we find local 10 News reporter Kristin dela Rosa live now with our top story at 11 Kristin and take a look at what’s left here the vehicle has finally been towed away you see the wood panels it actually crashed into the electrical wiring that powers this office depot and I actually just spoke on the phone with the attorney of the victim turned shooter he tells me this shooting was justified sky 10 cameras rolling as Miami Beach police approached this SUV crashed into a wall with guns drawn everyone was like yelling call the cops call the cops the intense scene developing Tuesday morning near Alton Road an 18th Street detectives telling us the white Mercedes SUV was stolen by a man from this carwash just across the street moments before the collision there was some guys screaming he’s like guys took my car police say the vehicles owner shot the suspect who then plowed into the office depot the person who we believe is the owner of that vehicle actually discharges his firearm toward that vehicle striking the subject complicating things for police the suspect also crashed into live power lines Florida Power & Light crews had to be called in to shut down power has officers worked the scene officers pull in a suspect out and taking him to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he died you can see the he had been shot apparently shot in the head and this victim turned shooter being identified as 48 year old Stephen Lottie was taken into the Miami Beach Police Department for questioning and has since been released again he has not been charged and the man that stole this vehicle and died out here he has not been identified we’re live in Miami Beach I’m Christian della Rossa local 2 News story making national headlines Kristin