hey guys it’s our first time in Iceland and we’re sleeping at a capsule hostel which happened to be located above and next to car dealerships just about to check in and this is a waiting area alright and then on the walls there are bunch of words and on there must be a by previous guest while we’re raiding that’s good to be our room almond power I just checked in looking for room 3 a lot of doors even up to 6 our room has four pots each pod contains two separate mattresses the one I stayed in Tokyo with faith oh those are singles here we have doubles it is a Tuesday where you just arrived this morning and totally spacing out spacing out like because it feels like galaxy like space stuff no one else is gonna be in this room one hook per pod for hanging clothes tonight all four are ours muhahahaha imagine eight people and eight open suitcases in here we’d be a can of sardines here the stairs to the upper pots I just hooked my GoPro to start charging to turn on the lights we insert the pod key Wow woohoo wait in real life it’s blue how come in the camera it’s purple their headphones and then looks like there’s a water bottle but oh no it’s this flame fighter oh it’s a fire extinguisher the headphone jack the USB and then what’s this uh I think it’s a fan SOS button oh you could lock the door when you sleep oh the light oh oh the mirror light I’m down here we have a safe other mattress is covering it but we have remotes in there currently oh there’s a TV you got to keep those remote safe if I go into this pot right now I’m gonna fall asleep so let’s go walk to the downtown and how do we lock this up let’s try Oh automatic look so there’s a dining area so pepper oh you could cook here you can buy your goods and storm here neatly on the tray we then walk around the neighborhood in Reykjavik taking a look at some postcards these are so cute too super cute this magazine is called ha there is a restaurant called Icelandic street food we try their traditional lay on soup lamb soup in a club lamb soup in a bread bowl ah the hurts more exciting [Music] the steam on the chilly day like this we’re walking down this tree we saw ads for bikinis like so exist and we’re like so cold looking at it so if Avery’s with the Red Bull it all silks of the soup we’ve got a basil leaf in here [Music] they have two locations this Icelandic street food the other one is further down the street and it’s about a 10 to 15 minute walk it’s currently 937 p.m. but look how bright it is outside the thing is inside our original pod there’s a little bit of light seeping in so instead change it over to the pod next door which is completely dark so [Music] actually if you use your locker key and put it there it doesn’t work you have to put your room key the lockers are located at the corner of the room big enough to store your backpack but might be too small for your average sized luggage be sure to be quiet after 11 p.m. the next morning around 8 a.m. two more guests checked into the pod next door I became extra conscious of making noise so iOS burned and moved quietly as possible please no sexy time if you come as a romantic couple let’s check out the TV and feast their eyes on a slanting shows hello mmm hello no signal oh I feel rejected well then on to the next thing ready or not I’m taking you to the bathroom girls gotta wash your face be sure to take the Pocky with you otherwise you might lock yourself out doo doo doo doo I wonder how many people wrote on the walls here a warm welcome to the woman’s bathroom which I believe has three shower stalls and four toilets to the right we have four sinks and a collection of toiletry including shampoo conditioner deodorant toothpaste sunscreen shaving gel alright it’s past 9:30 a.m. checkout time is 11:00 let’s save some files got a free up space on cameras to prep for more filming today just checked out rainy days and still raining we’re gonna start driving the Golden Circle today typically I’m a light sleeper but because you know we haven’t released left in the past 31 hours um so I knocked out like a baby within the minute we turn the lights off but if you’re really light sleeper it might be hard for you to knock out here because if the room is full you have eight people and in that room particularly the doors are shutting and whatnot then you might keep waking up but last night were the only ones in the room and this morning people arrived as well but they were quiet they just went into their own pod and started sleeping it’s a fun experience and overall the age-wise the people are 25 and over it seems like the other people in the pod there are mother and son and her son look like what 15 last night I saw a lady in the bathroom I was talking to her and she’s also from USA and she was like 40 years old and there’s also another gentleman who look like he was 40 and up so yeah he got all sorts of age range so whether you’re young or older if you wanna try it go for it remember to subscribe and 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Nina we read crunch crinkle and more toodles my noodles check out this elevator button first time seeing one with a popped out edge like this but that one someone slept in this morning this one’s fresh breakfast extra cost comes a scare and you have a bowl full of earplugs in the dining table the post-it notes it’s just two pods that are right now we still have you know you know space to put her stuff like people might get really crowded up luggage so if you have a lot of luggage you might want to store it in their other room or just keep it in your car we’re gonna be eating at old Iceland the way time at old Iceland is 35 minutes and right now it is 8:30 that means we’re gonna get a table at 9:10 ish shows saying and then when you sit down you order finally food comes around like 20 to 30 minutes after that so by the time we get back to the hotel Oh to be 10 or even later and you know it just want to get some good sleep tonight and not eat so late where you end up not sleeping and just waiting to digest so let’s go somewhere else I heard that Icelandic street food is good let’s try that I don’t see anyone here but there’s free brownie what happened we enter it here and all of a sudden the reason start to play this is interesting Art Museum [Music] what do we have here a notice about experimental TVs in the pods [Music]