Hello guys … today I’m at … where is this ??? at Shakti Capsule Hotel and Shakti Capsule Hotel address is at 119, Cihampelas Street, Bandung The location is very close to Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) So suppose that if you want to go to Ciwalk, just leave about 50 meters, arrive. So … we will see the facilities of the Shakti Hotel Capsule … check it out Access to the upper floor has only stairs, a little exercise. This is the bathroom On each floor there are 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms Let’s see the bathroom … Not too bad Here there is a locker to store the items that we carry there is a mirror in front locker Under the sink are slippers that can be used to go to the toilet Also provided prayer equipment Here is the Capsule Like in a fiction movie, like a spaceship We can also see the sights of the city of Bandung The capsules have 2 levels Let’s just open the capsule here it is the condition in the capsule … Talk can’t be too loud, because it can disturb other visitors Available 2 USB ports, to charge Then there is a room temperature regulator There is a fan regulator There is a button to lock the door and then the button to turn on the TV Also provided a safe for storing valuables … Let’s open it !!! Towels and blankets, toothbrushes and drinking water are provided There are lights to read We can adjust according to your needs The beds are comfortable ,,,, not so bad OK … That’s enough of the video If you like ,,, do not forget to give Like And do not forget to Subscribe ,,,,, Thank You