Cape View Clifton Hotel Cape Town South Africa best hotel Cape Town South Africa hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you’re planning
a vacation in Cape Town South Africa make sure to check out the Cape View
Clifton luxury suite hotel / it’s right on the cliff overlooking the Atlantic
Ocean from the moment you enter the lobby of the Cape View Clifton Hotel until you gaze out the window the Cape Town Clifton is remarkable the
first visit I was there I had a very comfortable suite it was extravagantly decorated and
very comfortable with a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean my second
visit I had an even more luxurious suite which was one of the most spectacular
places I’ve ever stayed in my life the room was fabulously comfortably
appointed it had a large decadent bathroom with the huge bathtub in a
corner window with a view looking straight down at the crashing waves of
the ocean it was completely private the balcony
was exquisite it was extra large in the views for
panoramic and out of this world I’ve never stayed in such a luxurious
place as the Cape View Clifton the view from the balcony gazed all the way back to Table Mountain and
all the way you felt like you could look across the ocean and sea Antarctica there is a lovely pool with a deck
comfortable seating and a fine picnic area as well as a private side garden
for some quiet relaxation the Cape View Clifton in Cape Town South Africa have a full kitchen on the bottom
floor where complete breakfast is cooked to your liking by the staff they have specialty drinks
they have an honesty bar and a comfortable seating area check out the Cape View Clifton hotel in
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